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Saturday, April 18, 2015


I sprained my left knee again on the stairs and was pretty hysterical.....people tried to approach me but I admit I screamed at them to get away. Just I was in panic mode, but I feel really bad about it now. Through Times Square up and down stairs and all over the city with this blinding pain this time my left knee; two years ago it'd been my right. Once I got to my friend's house he gave me ice and water, I swallowed four Advils and eventually the swelling went down. I know I can go to the ER and have insurance but for what? I sat there last time for five hours only to be told I sprained it and given a Tylenol. Now it's sore but I can walk. Being inactive does not sit well with me. I also slept for.....I stopped counting the hours. The weather is getting nicer and the trees are blooming sounds corny but this is such an improvement from the past few weeks, months which were just gloomy and .....so many things happening around the world that are so tragic and awful. A few people had showed up to where I live and were staying there for a while who caused a litany of problems and it's taken me this long to clean up the mess they left. They caused major problems in my life and in my friends'. Also I saw the name (twice) of someone who has hurt me in the past, very maliciously and deliberately. I have to gather myself somehow......

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