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Sunday, April 19, 2015


According to Judge Dickhead Wherever, I'm not a journalist. Well, that's his opinion. 

I have no doubt in my mind, nor have I ever, that I CAN be but it's a lot of work and I'm struggling to keep up with my todo list as it is.  Maybe because anyone can blog or no one is paying me. Like the Cyndi Lauper song Money Changes Everything. I write only because something in me cannot not. I was advised always get it down get it down however you can. I SHOULD eventually get paid because I know I'm as good if not better than so many who are working for magazines and the Daily News …..I know absolutely there are many credible reporters out there with 100 percent intention of giving news to the public and telling the truth; and they do. 
However, sigh. I've read a lot of articles in more tabloid-like papers and magazines (Glamour) that are maybe half true, half basically fabricated. Not basically, are. Not to mention one reporter for a major paper who thought Detroit is in Minnesota, or some insane thing? Geography expertise I guess is not a requirement. No one is perfect I know. So my point…..I started this site because to tell my story it was what was in front of me: a computer and google and my ability to write. I was advised to record it and just write and write (I read that bit from Joyce Carol Oates) and who can tell it better than me? 


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