oh lovelies

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

more lyrics

Falling Apart Laura Saiter


it's all me
it always comes down to me

I want this
I don't want this
I'm not in bliss
not in bliss

I look forward
travel far
don't go far
turn around
there you are
everything's dark

the street is dark
so am I
there must be another time
It's always me
I'm somehow to blame

I wanted this
I don't want this
this isn't bliss
I did this
isn't bliss

the street is dark
everyone's out
you're not out
what else is new

I'm falling apart
It's dark out
you're not out

been a while again

I've just been working so much and running around I have hardly a minute anymore. I have so much to say, but here's some of it......lyrics in progress:

I'm being twisted look in the mirror look away it comes back
it must be
they're trying to drive me crazy could he really make me this way you made me this way when will it end when will I know what really happened there's no one to trust I'm dreaming in water in woods it's dark there must be an end there must be he must be there has to be

As for the above pix: I have this obsession with 11th street. I think it's haunted. Well, that doesn't take a whole lot of thought. It used to be a junkie hooker pick up spot. So I was told. The past, spirit of the past is there. Most don't notice. But I saw written on a cemented door: "Does Anyone Care?" But about who, or what?