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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Major Tom

This cracked me up


Mr. Goodbar wrapper

This is clearer. I wonder who would do this......Sylvia Plath wrote "is there no way out of the mind?" Or some people are already out of them.....?

Looking for Mr. Goodbar.....?

My friend got this film for me.....made in 1977. I had been discussing this with someone else. Today I went into the library sat down and found an empty Mr. Goodbar wrapper. Pretty perturbing, actually. 
I am assuming the message of this film was a "warning" of sorts to women who thought they could have their cake (beefcake?) and eat it: you can't. No matter what, the world is a very different place for women then men, thus so is sex. You can't simply flip the tables and get the same scenario. Sad, you know? In the 70s casual sex was trendy, I guess is the word. This is before AIDS.....and NYC was very different as well. There were many pitfalls (ooh what a word) and double standards that came with the "sexual revolution" as has been documented by other people. Women discovered, too late, that they were not being liberated the way they thought they would be, or maybe were told they would be, and this is largely what led to the second wave feminist movement.  Anyone who is a rational thinker would see that the way to women being sexually liberated is not picking up men in bars and taking them back to your apartment for one night stands (boy I could say a lot more but another time for that).

Rosanne Quinn, whose story this is based on. 

This in the library

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Candle Burning Safety

I love candles. However, it is imperative that they be worked correctly and safely. I recommend from having burned many:

1) Don't fall asleep with a lit candle. That's an old superstition anyway. Just for extra safety. Snuff, don't blow, them out.

2) Never leave a candle lit next to a curtain or anything really. Leave plenty of space around it.

3) Don't stand them in the middle of a shelf or under anything.

One tragedy is too many and there have been more than one. Here are some more suggestions:


Wednesday, October 23, 2013


There was a song Lindsey Lohan sang.....I'm tired of rumors.....I'm sick of being followed........I dunno......just prefer to keep certain areas to myself. Space is sacred.


Thursday, October 17, 2013


One of my favorites among the Greek goddesses.....


Hairy, Mask and others

Are stalking me and.....a third has been thrown into the mix. Following me even to personal trips. Reminds me of the Carol Burnett spoof of Rebecca I turnaround she is there. She is not someone I want to see. Ms.  Hari Kari is willing to kill me so she can have her beloved and me out of the way. Boy Ms. Are you in dire need of a wake up call! Your beloved sex addict will be off yet again as the next thrill breezes past.


In Pisces.....the fish. 237,000 (rounded off) miles away. 95 percent illuminated.....room 237? Someone equated that with the moon.....
"El esta por mi y por ti borro....." (where can I find the accent thingie)

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Speaking of

Hairy is at it again.....Rhett Butler said you can't win a war with words heaven knows I am a lover not a fighter but I haven't done too well in the lover part so maybe I should switch over.....

Glacier National Park

A woman allegedly pushed her newlywed husband off the cliff.....same park where the opening to the Shining was filmed. It's called Shining park and was the site of a massacre, by the Eurotrash invaders (oh wait, those are my people.....oops.....I am part English descent.....I can always say 'we' didn't do this my folks least I never heard of it),  of an American Indian tribe 170 people.....led by Heavy Runner the chief. Nice, huh? In the film Jack Nicholson speaks of the "white man's burden" which is how the English and French explained their practice of invasion and occupation.....ironic since the English did just that to the French and were finally chased out by an army led by la pucelle, J'eanne D'arc.  But.....history repeats itself. Had the tables been turned would the Indians have done the same? How much bloody history ARE we sitting on? What aren't we taught? I may be wrong.....I believe the man Cory was from Kalispell.....Kali the Indian goddess of bloodshed. This woman was allegedly afraid for her life according to text messages so she goes to an . Isolated site in the mountains with him.....doesn't make sense......if you're afraid of someone why do that? ......he somehow ended up at the bottom of a cliff.....did he attack her or did she push him .....on July 7 anniversary of Vivien Leigh's death and that was not a good day for me either. A midsummer night's horror show? It was for me.
Three cheers for the red white and blue?
I come here seeking peace.
But it is not.......

Sadistic abuse?

Poke poke twist.....some have earned it.
Learning the skillet driven through my intestines indeed J was playing man-fuckhead games two timing me with Hari Kari  .....fortunately I woke up from that nightmare.....don't ever want to go through that ever again.....the news that hit me with the force of a knife or a bullet.....shattered my world my dreams my heart and soul my everything.....left to pick up the pieces and never again never again never again.....

Sunday, October 06, 2013

Zoos are wrong

It tears me apart to think of any animal suffering. Not one should ever be in a cage. They are not ours to keep. I hear of people keeping snakes as pets then......snake bites them. That is what snakes do. They are not our personal toys. They belong where nature put them. Nowhere else. Who the hell thinks a cottonmouth or black mamba or tiger is their little pal? Their bff........stupid. I dont want to say they deserve  to  get bit. I read about a minister who was trying to "snake charm" in front of his congregation.......the power of "God" would keep it from biting him. Well, he got bit. I am sorry the man was killed but maybe that's a larger message   about nature, animals, religion......and where .....how do I say it? Listen to life and the world as a message where "God" or whatever your idea of a higher power wants animals to be. Where their abode is or natural habitat: the jungle, the desert, the Arctic, the ocean.....is where they're intended to be. I know what people mean when they say give me liberty or give  me death. Birds aren't pets either and don't belong in cages. They need to be let out. Better they die out in the world than slowly in prison. I would rather be dead than not free. But birds won't die most likely but find their way to the Florida keys. I am confident in this.
What is that song "key largo montega .....the poconos....." something like that.....

Saturday, October 05, 2013

One solution to this

Set the animals free!!!!! No more zoos. I emphatically say this.


Halloween photos

.....some pictures I took around the city and Brooklyn