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Thursday, September 29, 2011

3 A M Eternal Lyrics

3 A M Eternal Lyrics: Klf 3 A M Eternal lyrics . These 3 A M Eternal lyrics are performed by Klf Get the music video and song lyrics here. This is Radio Freedom KLF! unh huh, unh huh, unh huh, unh huh KLF is gonna rock you are you ready (unh huh, unh huh) [ANCIENTS OF MU MU]

Focusing Your POWER - How to be Happy Part 2

This is even funnier than the one I posted on FB.....this is not an attack on anyone's spiritual way I'm agnostic not religious....but nonetheless these are words of wisdom. My friend called him a "devil worshipping life coach" lol

Saturday, September 24, 2011


That there was a baby doll representing me....who.....as I looked under the surface, was full of decomposing flesh. I dream a lot about corpses. And graveyards.

Today that I was writing songs and looking at other stuff of mine, in a music room 

cults brainwashing and Hollywood

I've avoided going here for a long time.....but come on. Look at his eyes, his face. That's the spaced out expression cult victims get.........brainwashing? People are encouraged to surrender everything they have for the religion, the organization......I mean materially. All their savings to these  insane monsters. Just being candid and honest.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Cirrus Boomerang

I found this just now......never heard the extended version .....super exquisite

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

getting ready to perform

at st Marks ......no make up, barely a costume, no panties everyone!

Joke. Really. I wore undies......................

Sunday, September 18, 2011

another gothic pic

love this one......artist is Hotoke I believe, Brazilian

la starla=me!

people have been on top of me all day long. I just wanted to watch some videos. I must be incredibly hot.....seriously I feel better I just rolled out of bed in my ridiculous sweat pants/jammies but this is happening so something must be right! I was dancing on the pole (not stripping ) it is SO hard but fabulous....after the fact. I was sore everywhere in a good way.....seriously though, I've been crashed into non stop it seems. Not to mention trying to sleep with my phone buzzing constantly.....

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Keeping up Appearances S01E02P01

My mother loves this show why I decided to find this on YouTube I'm not really sure except that it came to mind today.....

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

TREND: Jean Pierre Braganza - Elevated cat eyes

I promise more creative writing to come I've been doing a lot (of writing, handwritten) and it's worn me out....so all I can wrap my brain around now is makeup.....I have to type it out. I've been rehearsing my dance/poem piece getting ready to perform at Under St. Marks....theme tonight is "chaos." Well for me that's everything until I organize it like I had to do today.....anyway, for this video   I watched this and actually earlier today I did my eyes a little like this they .....it was tricky; at first but after ......you have to blend it really well.  Someone recently asked me some interesting questions; if I write free verse or meter? Well I always write free to start out and it takes on its own form the more I work on it. This color (which I just noticed matches my dress!) looks beautiful with her eyes.

I am SO embarrassed......


writing from three months ago

I am a different person than I was even then....looking at some of the stuff I wrote ....ahh! I tend to scribble stuff....but I really have changed. I am all the time.

written before

loneliness is profound but so is the value of those who step into that lonely seemingly endless empty space between two people.

I mean I wrote this

Sunday, September 11, 2011

OK. I decided to separate this paragraph because it's mixed up with what's below; though the theme is still death. Two different ways. It's a dark day; don't want to think about it it's a horrible and morbid topic. Obviously. I understand the need to commemorate. I myself don't want to participate; I need to step away from this. For my own reasons. I can only say my heart goes out to all the victims and of course it never should have happened. My point is, perhaps it's this day combined with the start of the waning moon (I can hear it now; pagan! Wiccan!) plus a rather unpleasant incident this morning that had me thinking on this stuff. I mean what I wrote about below.

Vampire Costume make-up tutorial

But anyhow......fall's approaching and Halloween so I woke up this AM thinking about Gothic figures such as vampires and the "dark" gods and goddesses............this video I think is actually very funny.

Hecate aka Hekat aka Ekat

A host of other names. Cthonia I think is the word. She's among my favorite of the ancient goddesses and I wish I knew who the artist was who did this picture. This is gorgeous and I am pleased that searching for pictures of her there is a TON of stuff out there. Also inspiration for how to do my own make up ......for certain occasions. I love dark art. This painting in particular really stood  out. Hekate is the ancient Greek goddess of the crossroads, which particularly fascinate me.

Friday, September 09, 2011


UGh! Every time I turn on the news it's retardedness like this.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

crisis .....solved

somehow my email and this blog disappeared. fortunately I got it back. you just never know when shit's going to happen. lesson learned.....

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Kardashians and their bogus credit card


someone beat me to it on dragging the dirt on these people. I have a problem with a) privileged children I do.......I grew up with them so I guess it's, well, you know and b) I can't stand waste and these people are exactly that in every sense of the word......I am being harsh here but cruel to be kind. There is so much more to do with one's limited time on earth. And so many valuable ones to be saved, those who absolutely need and deserve it. And resources. Please take them off the air. Ok. I am on a holy mission to get them off. The television.

God bless the messengers. Burn bitches!

Monday, September 05, 2011

dance audition coming up

for a rap video....hmm. just cause why not.....this'll be interesting

Sunday, September 04, 2011

how to fry your clothes dry

I went to the gym, forgot my headphones, ran outside. Excuse me, my headphones broke. I got back in there after a torturous run across town, on the west side highway (very pretty though, love riverside drive) very wet healthy in a sticky sweaty way. Got in the shower, had to wash my clothes as I had to straight to an event and didn't want to show up with smelly clothes and shoes. Washed them out in the shower. I didn't have access to a washer/dryer didn't want to leave them in the locker like that ect. so that was my only option. They still needed to dry......so......as I didn't have 12 hours to wait for that to happen naturally, I laid my pants on the sauna and the water fizzed up and out. The other side. Then my socks. You have to be very careful when doing this and attentive. Anyway, now they're not 100 percent dry but more than they would have been. And lighter. It gets to be grueling carrying wet clothes around. I speak from many years of experience dealing with this......


Ive been reading so much online as well as stuff I'm given, or else new Olive Tree editions, that I haven't read any actual books. But here's my upcoming list of stuff:

Othello, by Shakespeare............have read this before and was getting back into it. I think it inspired some intense dreams. The part of Iago fascinates me I'd love to play that.

The Help...........Yes I want to read this.

Another site with some literature of this genre or I guess related....Southern African American spirituality....A-Mazing


Emma by Jane Austen...............when I visited my mom she always had yet another version of this film so I've gotten around to wanting to read the actual book. Read Pride and Prejudice, Mansfield Park (I recommend) and Persuasion.

more on this later

I also found this; well the author read from it at an event at Under St. Marks....I have to say; well I will get more into this. Awesome. Fabulous. Code? I did try to read some Sartre got completely confused....Simone de Beauvoir I have read. Blaise St. Mary? Catholic? I promise to write more on this.....Some passages sound Biblically inspired.....

OK. I think this is the right link:  


more drama stuff

getting this all posted delays apologies.....but here goes:

I wrote this wow a year ago! Handwritten, on one of my little gadget notebooks I got from Sustainable NYC very nice little hippie store on Ave A. Biodegradable paper. Hand crafted. This was sitting in storage I pulled it out....this only the beginning.


when you said
when you said
that death was mine
you the incurable
they didn't couldn't

this was inspired by Anne Sexton was reading a lot of her then .....


I'm a Leo naturally a drama queen. The more I read and write in my little notebooks as per advised very brilliantly by VS the more I see my own well you know......that's the stuff of my new book.....) Screenplay?

Saturday, September 03, 2011

The Black Eyed Peas - Boom Boom Pow

I wanted to write more about yoga I took a class the day before the storm and it tore me apart in so many ways. Then I was put back together. This video has....how do I describe? Moments of the kind of darker or what have you type stuff.....so much of what you see on yoga now has this sugar sweetness to it but for me it brings out so many .....well things that are not sweet. I am influenced by some articles I read though I was told they are plagiarized from another writer. I really would like to know who the original writer is....this stuff is brilliant. Will ...let's see....here they are. The stories. 


BTW you don't have to be a satanist to understand the ideas in the article.....though it's written from their perspective. I do not necessarily agree with all the views of the author, whoever it is. I absolutely do not endorse the other ideas presented on that particular web site. It's been shown to be a fraud, a front for something far more sinister I'd rather not go into.....but anyhow. The material I highlighted is......I really want to find out who the real author is. It's so dead on.

I am

fair delicate and sensitive everywhere. Ultra sensitive to noise, temperature......certain foods. Always craving sugar. Slow metabolism. Need lots of sleep. Eyelashes are super thing tangle easily therefore putting on mascara is difficult and time consuming because it takes a lot of effort to make it even. They are extremely fine. I tried false eyelashes but they looked kind of bizarre on me. Will continue.

A couple months ago I was at Sephora by Union Square and tried to recreate an Edie Sedgwick look I saw an online video about, pixiewoo is her name. I ended up looking like a freak, oh goodness. My skin and eyes are so fair the contrast was really stark. Edie had brown eyes and mine are blue......light......that may be part of it. Eyebrows super dark or prominent just don't look right on me. It was too much. I looked like a deranged Boy George....not very Edie or Factory or 60s like I was going for. I love doing retro looks just cause I'm dramatic a performer and it's thrilling for me.....I will keep at this til it's perfected......

rite aid

ever since I started going to the one on 20th street to pick up my prescription, I became obsessed with taking my blood pressure at the machine there. It always goes down after I've gone running. Substantially.