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Friday, December 16, 2016

A star is is sent into space a random place but no can't be

Love. I'm turning into an emoji addict but this site is for writing. Snow sparkle starlight on white glimmer cold and fuck this I want a sunny warm Christmas never before had one. Coming from where I do it snows end of year something whispered in my ear then disappears.....😇😴Share Gif: http://media.riffsy.com/images/eafbf862b35875d7c306cdbb4702d2d1/raw
Share Gif: http://media.riffsy.com/images/eafbf862b35875d7c306cdbb4702d2d1/raw

Thursday, December 08, 2016

shake shake rain rain dust silver gold silver [sort of kind of not really or not at all or (?)] Election Day

Fuck [the electoral college ] Millenium KLF

click above don't know why this link isn't working but (arrow up)  "Fuck the [Electoral College] Millenium by KLF

Colour Chaos (Tones:Over-bored/Needed To/Me Three/Beyond Real/Calm me down/TipX)

"good go into the pot, bad go into the crop" "die guten ins Töpfchen, die schlechten ins Kröpfchen"

Grimm's Fairy Tales aka Brüder Grimm= "It's Grim Up North" (KLF) I know I keep referencing this. I don't need to go into why. Recount is a right, not a privilege. We deserve to know. Enough said. I have to say my German is pretty splotchy but this site has a good translation. I know enough to understand the original. I love the way it's written the poetry. It's.....German and Scandinavian poetry is very chant-like it sticks in your head once you have it.



This artist is  31 May 2015

"der Schuck ist zu klein,
die rechte Braut sitzt noch daheim"

"shoe's too tight/bride [groom]'s not right"

" rüttel dich und schüttel dich, wirf Gold und Silber über mich."

shake shake rain silver rain gold

"Shake quiver little tree rain gold silver over me"

my own words:

for this thing I gave him everything
for this thing I gave him everything