oh lovelies

Monday, April 27, 2009

watched pot never boils so I'm not watching the pot

do i need to increase my electrolytes i think that's what i need to do
my vibrator broke this is a terrible catastrophe i shit you not as is my sex life or lack of one .............last "date" a disaster.....I mean from hell the crypt and beyond..................this guy was obsessed with fat women....I don't know why he wanted me..................I mean, I don't think I'm fat. Then these women's men were......ugh. I just couldn't. I tried to keep my mouth shut cause.......then it was too cold in the room and I was getting sick and I lost it then........

so my lack of fulfilling sex has me extremely edgy now....that plus well on the up side it's a waxing moon time for creativity and money money coming down....that's the benefit so why complain? Not the first time money and sex were tied together, no pun intended......

you hear that people get crazy on a full moon. Well, it happens on a new one as well, and it was crazy loony in manhattan this weekend. There were cops on horses in riot gear as crowds spilled out of the clubs in Chelsea, and as I was walking to the train from work these people closing up a restaurant said to me, "I'd be careful going over there....." thus why they were ending early. Kind of brought me back to the RNC protest days, or recently when I lived in Bed Stuy....but it's not supposed to happen in Manhattan, where we're supposed to be safe.

But I wasn't, last night. I wore a sundress and these guys on a garbage truck were yelling at me.....I just don't want to repeat it. Then I had other men try to come after me. I got to sleep at 4:30 am only to be woken at 8am.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

performance what a headache

so now I'm focused on putting new material and projects together.....I'm trying to get permission to perform something from a book; it's an exhausting run around.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

once again it's been forever......

I went on something of a hiatus but I'm back now. I was sick for 36 hours but better now--so many changes are happening in my life and I slept a full 8 hours last night for the first time in about 5 years! And I ran into an old friend.....funny--I saw his name carved into the sidewalk the day before and that could be seen as a message.....

as for now I'm writing more songs--carrying my notebook everywhere with me--

and looking for a place on the ues as well---anyone know of one?

And I'm having amazing sex.....(covers mouth....oops)....