oh lovelies

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Don't crack your knuckles

Today is a waning moon, in Aries. That is very destructive. A day to stay indoors. Or if you want to get rid of something, now is the time. Not a time for cuddling, or romance. This day a guy died doing s and m. People will say to me, I don't depend on luck or the stars I make my own life. Well, I make my own life, too. Things are what they are. Go ahead and have a peace party or happy party on this day, and if you pull if off great. You can interpret it however you want, but Tuesday, Aries, and a waning moon are not typically gentle. Maybe it's all the better because then you have to work extra hard at it. The sky's the limit.....

So yes, that is a pet peeve. Cracking your knuckles is very bad energy. Or whatever you want to call it. It's repressed rage. You're better off just yelling and breaking a window. Get it off your chest.

so much

very nasty things I have to say to certain individuals. But I am a lady. It is hard, sometimes, being one because I can't always say what is on my mind. That doesn't make it untrue.

What is unsaid is what the truth is, huh?