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Friday, February 29, 2008


these guys want revenge, maybe on women who reject them. "Unwanted attention" is the definition of sexually harassment. Without a doubt I was sexually harassed there. I believe in the concept of free speech and I'm sex positive, at least I thought I was. But that doesn't mean I find everything in the business or what's published to be good. But it's a chicken and egg thing. Art holds a mirror up to the world. Why are these bars and clubs in the middle of nowhere? Someone once asked. I'm mortified, humiliated.....if I'd been raped actually it wouldn't have been so bad, hardly different. What was I doing? I was breathing, that's it. Yeah, I want to get fucked really badly, that is why I screamed at this guy to get away from me.

another incident

You can fault me for this and you probably will. I went into Alibi around 3 AM or so because I was having a difficult day, was out of wine and wanted one glass, or two. I have gone in there alone, like last night, met decent people and had a good night. Really all I wanted was to have a drink and go to bed. Yes, it was 3AM but I wanted to go, and I wasn't high or drunk, and I'd been there before. It was crowded in there. I paid for my drink, and while I was standing there a guy, about 5 ft 8, black, bald, with a black and white scarf, came and stood next to me. He said "Hi" and I didn't like his approach, so I said, I'm waiting for someone. He went away for a while, back to his buddies (interesting how these people are always backed up). I got my glass, paid for it, and went and sat down in a chair by the window. Then the same guy came up to me, and stood right over me, putting his leg on the step which led to where I was sitting. He was in my face, and I tried to ignore him. I finally said, after about a minute in which he wouldn't leave, "I would like to be left alone ok?" and he said, I have a right to stand here. He was leering at me, and I said, you're in my space, you don't have a right to be here. He still wouldn't move. He turned to his friend, a tall black guy with dreads, and said, "Am I in her space?" Of course, his friend said no. I said, get away from me now, I'm not fucking around. He still wouldn't. After asking him about ten times with him still refusing, I did eventually scream at him, as loud as I could, "Get away from me!" There was music playing, for what symbolism you can draw conclusions, Madonna's "Material Girl." I screamed again over the music, "Get away I'm not fucking around!" All he did was laugh and tell me I was crazy. I went up to the bartender and said, "I was just sexually assaulted this happened in your bar." Then I left, and stupidly, stupidly, called 911. I say stupidly because......I should have known it was this guy and all his buddies who'd back him up, their word against mine. But I said anyhow, ....I gave them the description and said what happened. I went back in there to see if he was there and the bartender, a white Irish (I think) guy, was standing there smoking. I said, "Do you realize I was assaulted and this happened in your bar?" Then he got hostile at me and said, "Then why are you coming back?" I said, don't I have right to be here, or something like that. He asked me, "Did he touch you?" And I said, he almost did. He said again, did he touch you? And I said, does he have to? He was approaching me and wouldn't back down that's a form of assault. I said finally, "So just because I'm a woman doesn't give him the right to do this, even if it's 3AM or whatever the hell time it is, he has no right.....nice to know this is the world we live in...." then I walked away and the men and one woman, all of them, were laughing. I started walking up dekalb ave back to this dump that I'm moving out of....and I got a call on my cell. I picked up, and it was the police. They said, you called to make a complaint....and I said, you know what, it's useless. No one will believe me. And it's true. They were calling me crazy. The woman on the line said do you want the police to help you or not and I said, no, forget it. It's them(all fourteen of them, men and women---yeah, fucking sick, right?) against me, I won't be believed. I hung up. You can fault me for that as well. What will ever be done about it? I almost mentioned Imette to those people, but didn't. It's a losing battle. I'll be called crazy and dangerous because, yes, I screamed like hell at this guy to leave me alone. Why did I do it? Because he wouldn't back away from me when I told him to. Does he have to touch me for it to be assault? For it to be harassment (it definitely was that)? This is not a "bad" neighborhood either--these are million dollar or multi million dollar brownstones. But I'm done with being here--done. A friend told me how in pretty much this same area rapes would go on as a matter of course and be recorded, awarded really, with individual pegs on a telephone pole. This was back in the 60s and 70s. I asked how many pegs were on this pole? He said, the thing was ready to topple over. So this--I mean does he have to bruise me, stick his dick in me, even touch me for it to be assault? Do I have to wait for that? So this bastard, this sicko, will walk free and be rewarded, by men and women apparently, for his behaviour. Congratulations America. This is the society you've created.
What was I wearing? Jeans and a sweat top, no makeup and ugg boots. I don't dress up, really. Oh, I was a temptress all right......
Women won't sympathize, or men, or ....well, yeah, some will. But I know I'll get, "Well why were you out alone at 3AM? You really shouldn't do that. Don't you know it's dangerous?" Uh--well, gee, no I didn't. I'd been out before and this didn't happen. I will NEVER go back to that place, and I don't want to be in this fucked up neighborhood any more. I have to say it. I thought it had redeeming qualities--it does, but it's been too much hell, too much pain, and I'm not safe anywhere, there's no refuge, there's no one to turn to--there's nothing. There's nothing for me here. I thought Fort Greene was for me--but in light of this, it's not. Where is there? Is it "my" fault that I went into a bar at 3AM? Was I teasing these men, asking for it? I went in there because I needed to get away from where I live, because due to circumstances here I'm not happy or comfortable here either. I went to this same bar last night and it was a good experience. I can't believe I tipped that dirt bag scum dripper of a bartender. Fuck him. Never again, no--I need to leave this place, this fucked up dirty overcrowded woman-hating polluted city I thought it was for me but it's become death, really--or maybe this neighborhood hasn't been completely "converted" these guys were malicious and up to no good but they put on one hell of an act when they need to so nothing will be done to punish them. This guy will go on to rape assault and whatever else and--maybe after he's raped someone or several people then something will be done. I apparently have to be lying on the ground bleeding to be believed. It's a woman-hating world--this plus the film I did but no one will believe me. I'll be made out to look like the bad one. It's pointless. But I can't go on this way. I can't go on here. I won't live in a place where my pain and degradation is someone's entertainment. No way. And the women who find this funny, like the one who was laughing, and I heard her, really laughing hysterically--well, then where will we ever go? That there's no excuse for.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

horrible night, stupid "shoot"

I agreed to do an "s and m" film, if you want to call it that. I am not sure if I was assaulted or not but I was certainly coerced and manipulated. I guess it's funny, in a way. The guy got fed up with me and screamed in my face, "Get dressed and go home," then, as per usual, underpaid me. This guy looked and acted like a cop. Jersey City is the world's sewer. I used to live there; abysmal, fucked up, horrible place. Even Evanston was better. At least Evanston had a few good qualities. Worse, these girls who were working on the film were sitting there laughing hysterically after I left to get dressed. Not that it matters, but they were black (one) Hispanic (one) those were the main ones, then a white woman who did my make up. The white woman came and stood with me while I was getting dressed; why I don't know. Was she sympathetic or watching to make sure I didn't rob anyone? If she was seeming the first, she's a liar because she went later and stood with the girls who were laughing at me. The black one was the worst, her way of laughing (I'm sure it was at me) was particularly sinister and hateful, as if what happened to me was entertainment and like she was proud of it, glad that it happened. 38 Park Street, Jersey City is the address. I know I shouldn't lump people together, but considering that I was active on the side of those black lesbians who were attacked in the Village and (wrongly) sent to jail, as well as Sakia Gunn, this kind of treatment from another of that community was a real stab in the back. Also, I saw the People vs. Larry Flynt and I was sympathetic to him, and pro-porn IF and that's a big IF it's between consenting adults. I consented, on this film, to some things but not others. When I pointed that out, the guy screamed "Cut!" and then got in my face saying, "You don't say that! You don't need to say that!" then later he was screaming at me, "You're causing problems!" I know it's pointless to argue or fight. No one will take my side, or if they do, they may use this as part of a crusade to ban pornography. I mean, I believed in certain people whom I link to this whole affair; then this happens and it makes me feel like I've made a fool of myself. It's the worst kind of betrayal. And I can't trust anyone at all. I wish I could. One of these days I'll look back on this and laugh. But now I just know I wasted my time and money, as well, and it's sheer good fortune I didn't lose much more. I'm grateful for that much.

Friday, February 15, 2008

more obsession that's lasted half my life

strangled by this but I can't get rid of it. I asked two psychics who both told me he's wrong for me plus the software said the same thing but I can't stop thinking about fucking him it's really treacherous I try to think about other things I really do.....he was painfully gorgeous I can't BELIEVE what an idiot I've been I was the real thing the prize I hung out with..........ugh ugh I could have had him and he could have had me................so D is "the one" according to everyone and MA D who sent pictures of his dick to my cell phone (that's proof right there isn't it, only true love) and asked me if he had a nice penis and said he wanted to rape me...........but not O still I can't get O out of my mind..............so what terrible thing will happen with me and O it said something about us both being coo--cooo......no I'm not kidding. he he

I had this dream that I hurt my knee and there was this open sore really gruesome and I was screaming, then I was in a rocking chair with my cat. so...........