oh lovelies

Saturday, May 30, 2009


just when i think i'm alone
there you are
i'm far from home

you think you can escape
think again
maybe you're my friend
maybe i'm beautiful
will there be an end?
will there be an end?

i know you're going away
ready to play

can you be free
is there no escape?

difficult bitch

i'm a difficult bitch
don't get in my way
i'm a lying witch
so don't get in my way
i've had a bad day

i had to try
to get it back
had to try
had to try

i'm a crazy bitch that's what they say
yeah that's what they say
then i get lazy
then they want to play

then i get lazy
i'm a crazy bitch
a crazy bitch

then i get them
then i don't want them
if i get him
will i still want him

i'm in the mood
so don't fuck with me
just let me be
can't you see i'm feeling crazy lazy.....

Thursday, May 21, 2009

the past week?

oh.....extreme ups and downs. Pretty accurately what was predicted. Where do I even begin? Why did all this happen? I wish I knew.

I somehow ended up doing a photo shoot with these guys I had met on the street.....I know what you're thinking. I don't do this normally. But ....we bonded. There had been girls there as well. Somehow I ended up dressed as Little Red Riding Hood. Semi dressed. Really would like to find those pix.

can be

this way
going going back that way
here to stay
in every way
la la la

you know it would be
you know if would be

what is my wish
what is my wish

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


so much is going on things are crazy stressful and.....

I want to write more but have been up 36 hours but am wired now I just want to unwind and not think about anything!

I went to a Bhuddist temple for the first time yesterday. It is beautiful...not that different from a church. Except they use the oranges and do the bowing thing with the incense....awesome. My fortune was good. I need it. I deserve it. And I must sleepy sleepy, for now.