oh lovelies

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

have to put this out there

if I disappear, it is most likely this person: 646 436 3855. Whatever you do, avoid this number if you ever come across it. This person has been texting me and calling me even though I told him not to, and he showed up near where I live. Thank God I didn't give him my address, my real one. I'm hoping he'll eventually give up. I'm forced to take action on this.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Obsession and Sexual Captivation

It's been so long, so long, the years go by and I can't.....I can't shake it off me, can't stop thinking about him. Others have come and gone--but he's always there. It's been nearly two decades. What does that make this? It has to be the real thing.
So the chart comparison says we're not "meant to be" I mean it's disastrous but I can't I can't I can't separate myself I just can't because according to it he "captivated" or "trapped" me he sure as hell did. I have been so stupid. I can't believe how stupid. I wasted scads of time and energy. But it's the past now.
I am in DC and don't want to leave. What's there to go home to? The endless stress and caring for the cats as much as I love them they wear me out. I can't abandon them. But it is nice to be away.
I visited Arlington Cemetery and Kennedy's grave and it made me think of him. There are all these wholesome non-New Yorkers everywhere here it's kind of nice, soothing. The atmosphere here is much more gentle, despite the fact that there are a few "New York moments" like this guy who stuck his head out of an SUV and screamed at the car in front of him, "Move motherfucker! What the fuck!" and was slamming down his horn....and a woman said, "Someone needs anger management classes!" But back to Arlington.....I saw one tombstone with the name DavidGE or something, and right behind it BlackBD or something.....so put them together......
and I felt like this presence and suddenly, I said, "Leave me alone ..." and the voice says "I'm going to rape you now...." I started--I burst out laughing, then remembered I was by myself among tourists in a cemetery....
I mean, it's stressful staying in a hostel and not knowing anyone really--but I don't miss coming home to dirty litter and shit all over the place that I have to clean no matter how exhausted...and the first floor apartment I'm supposed to move into that's not finished and the constant bad smell and just all the ....my mother--I love her but she gets so neurotic about the dumbest things--and just everything. ..............working with X who if I'm so obsessed I may as well.