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Friday, December 16, 2016

A star is is sent into space a random place but no can't be

Love. I'm turning into an emoji addict but this site is for writing. Snow sparkle starlight on white glimmer cold and fuck this I want a sunny warm Christmas never before had one. Coming from where I do it snows end of year something whispered in my ear then disappears.....😇😴Share Gif: http://media.riffsy.com/images/eafbf862b35875d7c306cdbb4702d2d1/raw
Share Gif: http://media.riffsy.com/images/eafbf862b35875d7c306cdbb4702d2d1/raw

Thursday, December 08, 2016

shake shake rain rain dust silver gold silver [sort of kind of not really or not at all or (?)] Election Day

Fuck [the electoral college ] Millenium KLF

click above don't know why this link isn't working but (arrow up)  "Fuck the [Electoral College] Millenium by KLF

Colour Chaos (Tones:Over-bored/Needed To/Me Three/Beyond Real/Calm me down/TipX)

"good go into the pot, bad go into the crop" "die guten ins Töpfchen, die schlechten ins Kröpfchen"

Grimm's Fairy Tales aka Brüder Grimm= "It's Grim Up North" (KLF) I know I keep referencing this. I don't need to go into why. Recount is a right, not a privilege. We deserve to know. Enough said. I have to say my German is pretty splotchy but this site has a good translation. I know enough to understand the original. I love the way it's written the poetry. It's.....German and Scandinavian poetry is very chant-like it sticks in your head once you have it.



This artist is  31 May 2015

"der Schuck ist zu klein,
die rechte Braut sitzt noch daheim"

"shoe's too tight/bride [groom]'s not right"

" rüttel dich und schüttel dich, wirf Gold und Silber über mich."

shake shake rain silver rain gold

"Shake quiver little tree rain gold silver over me"

my own words:

for this thing I gave him everything
for this thing I gave him everything 

Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Halloween was crazy tumultuous and bizarre

Itself like a pulp horror film. I was supposed to see my friend in queens something came up ended up on the train from Rockaway I have had some bizarre experiences there but I think this night the dead did rise. I had been reading about Michael Jackson then I looked up and there was a bum, Heaven help these people, this guy was in tattered rags with a goatee and was like African Caribbean from Puerto Rico he later told me, speaking Spanish. I joked to someone next to me he looked like he had stepped off the set of Thriller and he did. Like one of the dancing ghouls. There was a girl with Gothic makeup shed have fit right in on 8th st not too long ago. Then in Brooklyn these women also with ghoul face paint. I couldn't help feel like yes it's Halloween but it's like a dream or other dimension or something like the spirits of the dead are out and have possessed people or else my night. Or I had visited a church earlier and a cemetery and maybe it's

Monday, October 31, 2016

Travolta SNF and The Shirt


Apologies as my stuff isn't uploading right but anyhow I've seen Saturday Night Fever infintismal times. I begged my parents for disco and new wave music and to take me to see this which they revived all the time including at drive ins in Chicago, tho those always creeped me out. One time she took me to see the non G-rated version oops she covered my eyes in the stripper scene lol I think our friend Bruce (RIP) was with us. She did the same with my little sister when she was about 8 or so and we were watching The Last Picture Show.    The swimming scene came on and she told her "You can't watch this part" my sister started crying. But anyway I'm totally obsessed with the 70s and disco currently so found this clip of JT and its occurring to me now shit he was hot here in cette film.....kick ass direction from John Badham here😍😇😘 helps.!

Triste. . speakeasies .. bushwick? harlem

I'm all over the place with this.....

I was told my ggma was a " rum runner" a la Joseph Kennedy
Irish too "O Connor".....

Years ago my bf at the time I have to thank him he took me to some wild parties one was an illegal rave that got raided that was scary too! He had a joint with him that he strategically discarded before anyone saw it. How did he do that?

It's a secret in the woods a secret in the city it's in the shadows can see in moonlight at night you don't see it now it's a light it's visible  it's the other side of everything a secret hidden from you triste triste where is he a triste triste where is he it's a secret hidden from you a secret a secret you don't know about this thing you that don't know about the moons sliver it's silver I gave him everything for this thing it's a secret a secret it's in the woods I gave him everything for this thing I gave him everything

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Well well something I wrote a few months ago

THAT thing. New light has been shed on that subject and all is not what it seemed.....this surrounds me all the time like gauze and always my mind goes back to it. I say I don't want trouble or conflict but the way things happen I throw myself out there on the front lines having to deal with what comes of that. It turned me inside out that plus encountering the great and the horrific both. I go I go it's a risk I have to take.....

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Changing title again why am I stuck on this .....?

I'm thinking of them
Dreaming of him
A dinner date over there I'd break
He willed me there pulled my hair
A message sent a day later.....
Up here it's cold at the end of the year what was in my ear then disappeared
Up here it snows the end of the year
What's in my ear then disappeared
New York London Chicago all in the north (ok some inspiration from KLF) I was a prisoner in all tortured then freed
Falling for him thinking of them
A dinner date another day then I'd break
Up here it snows end of year what's in my ear then disappears

The beginnings of new stuff inspired by... this new song Giorgio Moroder did rewriting the words not saying which that man is so Coolio I'd have given him the Nobel prize if I were to decide  .....I missed this thing in bk but all is gotten back sort of I found another event a gay bar they were playing Donna Summer. I asked if they'd be open Halloween they said yes it's a gay bar then laughed at me..  point being this has been nagging at me nonstop)

This second part went a lot longer than I intended so putting some space......

I wrote a lot lot on a certain issue that's been making its way through the news. This has rattled me really and my feelings on this are all over the place. Let me say, and I speak as plainly and gratefully as possible; the essential question is did they fact check? What Fox news says about fair and balanced you know they do take this seriously or are supposed to. Any publication or medium that does NOT verify check and cross check with ALL sources, that is all, not a few, not one or two but everything and everyone.....is a waste of time and basically a sham. If what you're reading is slanted in any way or leaving out stuff that is important or that clarifies, it's not worth reading. It's easy to distort the truth and sadly it's commonplace, the result being a lot of people misinformed and drawing conclusions based on that. Obviously highly unethical. OK. Digression but this is tied into what I wrote here. I thought my teaser was kind of cheesy and was going to change it but shortly after the whole "nasty woman" thing was viral. I was called nasty by another woman (she hasn't seen anything yet lol) but a moot point.....I am just me and what this person says is a product of her deranged mind. However, it was very chilling all this occurring at the same time but ultimately I was talking partly of taking back ones identity and finding your power but anyway.....
but basically make sure what you are putting out there is truthful and objective, and accurate, is related to how a news medium values fact checking and whether or not they do it thoroughly. That is actually getting your facts right so you don't "accidentally" attribute a series of statements to the wrong person how the fuck did that happen, Glamour UK? How did what I say get falsely attributed to Cherie? Maybe since I was quoted verbatim make sure this is verified by the person who actually said it as no one contacted me and Cherie was the media contact.....and how did she get that title? Either they fact checked or they didn't not to mention quote people saying things they never said. If your point was to write about Cherie use her words not mine. Totally inexcusable. And how did this happen?
Ok I said my piece. Digression and sorry for the rant my point is not to peck at people but it's all very disturbing to me.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Dia de los muertos

So much Latin and Caribbean culture I love you don't have to win me over I'm there! I am honored by my own heritage but I am fascinated by the way Mexicans venerate their dead and the way it's a part of every day life. And I now have a cloud, thanks to John Digweed. I was on the verge of implosion with hay fever or something. After endless orange juice motrins acetaminophen b vitamins and trying to sleep but mainly HEAT I'm recovering thankfully.



Nearly died was so sick. My only salvation was plugging up all open spaces and keeping out the draft that plus pollen ......I need heat and no draft or I get sick. That plus twice the dosage of cold medicine. So it's the holiday Yom Kippur interesting not my religion but friends of mine were observing this and atoning.....I don't know if this is universal in a way but I woke earlier after the medicine had worn off disoriented and in a half dream half waking state and current events strangling me shaking me although i want to shut it all out I can't.