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Wednesday, November 18, 2015


This summer a series of things..... some were great so were some people. Other things bad to horrific. Certain things and people got me through that. This is a statue of St. Anthony in the courtyard of Dunkin Donuts in Carroll Gardens Brooklyn the light hit just the right way .....I go there early mornings sometimes.....hot chocolate with whipped cream half and half fortunately I can consume a fair amount and not get too chubby. I have a sensitive stomach so I've stopped drinking coffee really no skim milk ugh .....

this is of a store on the UES somewhere, the 90s I think all these sodas in the window they look like they're from the 1950s it just reminds me of the teen movies from that era.....


My phone is messed up again won't power on all the way. The only option is to buy a new one.....tomorrow. This is why I don't bother with expensive phones because this happens. However, I managed to save some photos I took thanks to Google+ which I don't use really but it did save them. 

This is me from ca. 1999 or so.....

more stuff around the city some of them I took over the summer.....

a couple selfies the last is in one of my favorite Chinese restaurants on Chambers St. 

Been staying in Washington Heights it's a lot of $ but worth it in terms of my peace of mind and getting back my sanity.....but what happened to my phone is extremely frustrating. This will be phone #356 I don't know stopped counting.....

Monday, November 16, 2015

new stuff

I have in fact been writing very intensely something but have to go over it before I publish it. It's been a very intense and exhausting week and I'm dealing with a lot. I haven't had a chance to write anything til now and what I did is very arduous and took a lot out of me. Basically I'm .....I could never just go with the flow I have to know what's going on. My latest stuff is about that; that indeed a lot of things have been hidden from me and well, everyone; and in this instance this is a major sore. And the ..... ongoing question why? This is stuff I didn't go public with for many years and had thought to let go but it, as it is, never let go of me because I never got an explanation. What inspired me to look into this again is a few things that were said to me this week which got under my skin and if the pressure is on me to prove something, prove myself, which is not easy to do especially ..... but the best I can do is tell it like I experienced it and I also looked some things up which cast a lot of doubt and ambiguity on things people said in the past which I had at the time taken them at their word for. Anyway.....working on this still will publish it soon. 

Friday, November 06, 2015

follow up

An incident occurred in Brighton Beach where I was a few months ago where the cops were called because this guy beat the shit out of his wife who was also his my friend. This after he stole money from her and did a lot of other stuff. The police took this guy away in cuffs and his wife went to a battered women's shelter. Thank God we are in America where there are civil rights statutes protecting women, unlike countries like Saudi Arabia where there are none. So lest you ......there was an incident over there where a guy beat, tortured and raped his five year old daughter to death and, well, basically nothing was done about it. These kinds of horrific abuses are not an isolated exception, but the rule over there. You gotta love America, and civil rights and democracy, be it highly imperfect but it's in place to be acted out of.  Anyway, I've said my bit for now. 

Other than that trolls are the absolute lowest life form to have ever existed and replying to them is a waste of my time. Ditto for haters If you act from the heart, you're not a hater. 

"You tried to trade on my naivety
But the things you do and say embarrass me
Seem once upon a time I was your fool
But the one I leave behind he is you"

Read more: Joss Stone - You Had Me Lyrics | MetroLyrics
"You Had Me" is track #3 on the album Mind Body and Soul. It was written by White, Francis Anthony Eg / Wright, Betty / Stoker, Wendy Anne / Stone, Joss.

Read more: Joss Stone - You Had Me Lyrics | MetroLyrics

Tomoyo Tsubasa Chronicle Handmade clay figure by yonkairuWatch

Thursday, November 05, 2015

drawing and Jupiter

I guess being female the female form is easier to draw (for me and I guess other people). Balanchine once said "dance is woman." I don't know maybe discriminatory but female form is curvier, more softly proportioned. Anyway.  I doodled constantly as a kid while tuning out whatever was going on in school. Even in kindergarten a teacher told my mom I wasn't interested in group activities I just wanted to do my own thing. I was a cherubic spacey kid with a mass of curly red hair and pouting lips. I went to Sunday school in Evanston; my mother taught one class and she is an excellent story teller. There was another class with a man, I believe he was British.....um, probably he had the right intentions but sorry it was like watching the wall. He wore a bowtie. Throughout his class I would stare at that totally fascinated. I had never seen a man with a bowtie in real life except once in a tuxedo. I thought ties were only the long ones and only saw bowties in the movies, period pieces. 
So I drew during his class if I had paper in front of me. I drew women, dancers, models. My mother is fairly good at sketching and there are many painters in my family so it came naturally. One Sunday afternoon, my mother approached me after Sunday school, kind of laughing, saying that he this teacher had privately told her that I was drawing pictures of sexy women during Sunday school class. 

Jupiter as a female? 

This one is by an American girl. 

Another, this an Italian guy



Found this on the Deviant Art site:

I love Deviant Art boy haven't looked at this site in a while. It makes me remember a time in my life that was very creepy chilly.....but that escaped from. This a few years ago.