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Monday, November 16, 2015

new stuff

I have in fact been writing very intensely something but have to go over it before I publish it. It's been a very intense and exhausting week and I'm dealing with a lot. I haven't had a chance to write anything til now and what I did is very arduous and took a lot out of me. Basically I'm .....I could never just go with the flow I have to know what's going on. My latest stuff is about that; that indeed a lot of things have been hidden from me and well, everyone; and in this instance this is a major sore. And the ..... ongoing question why? This is stuff I didn't go public with for many years and had thought to let go but it, as it is, never let go of me because I never got an explanation. What inspired me to look into this again is a few things that were said to me this week which got under my skin and if the pressure is on me to prove something, prove myself, which is not easy to do especially ..... but the best I can do is tell it like I experienced it and I also looked some things up which cast a lot of doubt and ambiguity on things people said in the past which I had at the time taken them at their word for. Anyway.....working on this still will publish it soon. 

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