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Friday, November 06, 2015

follow up

An incident occurred in Brighton Beach where I was a few months ago where the cops were called because this guy beat the shit out of his wife who was also his my friend. This after he stole money from her and did a lot of other stuff. The police took this guy away in cuffs and his wife went to a battered women's shelter. Thank God we are in America where there are civil rights statutes protecting women, unlike countries like Saudi Arabia where there are none. So lest you ......there was an incident over there where a guy beat, tortured and raped his five year old daughter to death and, well, basically nothing was done about it. These kinds of horrific abuses are not an isolated exception, but the rule over there. You gotta love America, and civil rights and democracy, be it highly imperfect but it's in place to be acted out of.  Anyway, I've said my bit for now. 

Other than that trolls are the absolute lowest life form to have ever existed and replying to them is a waste of my time. Ditto for haters If you act from the heart, you're not a hater. 

"You tried to trade on my naivety
But the things you do and say embarrass me
Seem once upon a time I was your fool
But the one I leave behind he is you"

Read more: Joss Stone - You Had Me Lyrics | MetroLyrics
"You Had Me" is track #3 on the album Mind Body and Soul. It was written by White, Francis Anthony Eg / Wright, Betty / Stoker, Wendy Anne / Stone, Joss.

Read more: Joss Stone - You Had Me Lyrics | MetroLyrics

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