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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Fellow vloggers

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=evGJlycQ0Oo&feature=youtube_gdata_player this girl is awesome....Jenny in the UK I have found so many mega cool people over there, via youtube mostly ....she is like 18 going on 85 I wish I'd had half her wisdom at that age.....

Sunday, February 17, 2013

just ran in the FRIGID cold

but I feel so much better. Amazing, after what I've been through. I raced huffing and puffing to the Chinese food place  to get soup and egg rolls. I realize I soumded crazy in that post about the space heater but I need to clarify cause this is embarassing: I must have been lucid dreaming or maybe lack  of sleep induced hallucination or my imagination.....no I was not high. Just what it sounded like, you know? I am so happy to get my life back and for the people close to me their pain is my pain, if my friends are hurting I hurt. I was upset earlier cause a good friend is having problems and another went through some kind of emergency. Plus I lost money. But I feel surprisingly good now. After resting. Now I must eat......I feel like I am dropping to the floor I am so starving.....


I took the last one down I thought I sounded crazy. But it seems to have gotten a huge readership. For whatever reason. I fell asleep for probably 10 hours, woke up, in the dark, alone......realizing.....I'm not, but feeling like it.

Friday, February 15, 2013

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x0BifYPQQJE&feature=youtube_gdata_player. Assuming this is real.....the real Blair Witch! Seriously these poor people.....

Russian meteor

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sl_RknL9G-Q&feature=youtube_gdata_player. This is incredible!!!!! So beautiful. Thankfully no one was killed. What a week.....a model is shot by her boyfriend on Valentines Day. Then this. One can feel the intensity. I can. Oh and London Fashion Week.....wish I was there (tear()

You won't believe

You won't believe how amazing this is. I mean, this adds a new definition to incredible.
(My version of the line in Annie HALL "Sex with you is a very kafkaesque experience....." whatever the hell that means:
"When I have sex with you I feel like Alice in Wonderland going down the rabbit hole into the LSD trip.....kind of like when she was sitting on the mushrooms. Or like in Fantasia with the dancing brooms."

Would that be a compliment, to most?

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hey there.....thanks to those who thought of me on v day love you all! Some wacko new videos of mine:
To absent friends always. I love you too.


Monday, February 11, 2013

more on Tea Party, Thomas Frank

politics is power.....from JFK......power corrupts......when has it not? I was listening to Thomas Frank speak at a bookstore in uber liberal Portland.....probably the closest thing to hell to Tea Baggers.....anyway, I have read his books and he speaks of how Republicans see thmselves as disenfranchised, persecuted minorities. I have witnessed it the tone in some of their voices like they are on the verge of crying....well, you know, democracy means the right to hold unpopular views without being attacked.  But.....get this: there are stories of conservativally minded folk being "waterboarded" and put in concentration camps I guess set up by the "liberal elite" they always talk about. Or Illuminati? Yes the limosine liberal pornographer pedophile man hating heterosexual hating baby killing feminazis and ......they dont even shave their armpits!

Saturday, February 09, 2013

O in the candle?

there is a window in my white soy candle.....you can get these at places like Lifethyme and .....hippie stores......they're amazing! This one reminds me of the scene in Superman II (I used to have a thing for Christopher Reeve......where he travels to the arctic....some such place.....
I watched the Police video "Wrapped around your Finger". Pretty freaky "I will turn your face to alabaster /When you find your servant is your master" and in white candles......"Every breath you take every move you make I'll be watching you" ......other song......having experienced spying and stalking.......being watched? By whom? I can guess....back to Superman I learned from that film what a producer is as I used to stare relentlessly at the credits (Alexander Salkind)

"That 70s Art" by Laura Saiter

. Trying to stay "pure" by not watching other depictions of my creative ideas but I did catch one episode of "That 70s Show." On a somewhat related note......I was never much of a Sex Pistols fan but I am catching on to them....was inspired to listen to "Anarchy in the U.K."....as I'd been reading Thomas Frank's latest...."Pity the Billionaire" anyway....he had commented on how the Tea Party sees itself as anarchistic and punk........seriously.....

Storybook mythical of sorts

Back yard

Street view ......I Snow White vampiress....thank you sugar for the kiss......

This is my street! The snow is very pretty. It is quiet and peaceful here

Nixon....Take the Dinero and Boogie

Forgive my sloppiness my android went kaput on me for good last night....all for the best as I need a new phone. I have made some new videos and you can hear me! That may or may not be a good thing....cuz I don't like my voice. I think it's too nasal. Maybe I should do a quasi British accent like American actresses used to in the 1950s to make themselves sound more sophisticated; but I find it annoying when Americans do that. Or take it up an octave?
Anyhow......my post on Nixon was full of typos but I was trying to jot down my thoughts and watch the film. But on what I wrote of "enemies" as per mentioned in the film...Nixon I mean.......when he (Anthony Hopkins) said, "An enemy of an enemy is a friend." .......as I didn't write fully......myself I suppose I'm lucky not to have .....when I think about it do I have enemies? I can think of incidents in my life but is there a lasting hatred? Perhaps.....who though? I thought of Woody Allen (again)'s Take the Money and Run. Actually both Woody Allen and Oliver Stone went to NYU though I think Allen was thrown out? They are vastly different.....God this is getting boring! I'll get to it: I thought of the scene in TTMAR with Miss Blair (Jacquelyn Hyde) where  she  tells Allen  she thinks someone's trying to kill her and says "Why? I have no enemies?" And of course it's him......the scene....see this film if you haven' it's such a riot....where he tries to run her over in his car. I used to watch this with my former Chicago family and siblings as well as my mom....this actress was comically brilliant....just wacky and bitchy both......something.....

Hello? Retarded post but cqing

Friday, February 08, 2013


this film is on......I saw it when it came out. After some research and reading I understand mmore plus I put on subtitles so I catch what is being said. I wonder if this film was put on partly because of what I wrote on the ClashWWoodward and Bernstein,well.....this is before my time. People in this film remind me of some in my own family. I wish I had known them better. Enemy of enemy is my friend? Who is an enemy of my enemy? Do I even have them?

Thursday, February 07, 2013

catching up

at 6 am in jersey city there is a chopper overhead hovering the smell of something like burning rubber. I am a little better than a week ago .....I have taken the task of trying to organize and make lists and so on. I made a list of tidbits to share on my site: I will blurb this as I dont have much time. I watched, with my mom, a small bit of Cabaret......another film I watched constantly living in Chicago. Now.....had to restart this as it crashed......Ive studied German and spent time in Berlin I can see it more.....well I recognize stuff I didnt as I havent seen that film since man ages ago. I do love the style of the film.....also in the Robber Bride Zenia makes up a story of having been there.....though....hm thats tough. Is she really inventing these stories? I see in a way she kind of IS these different roles.....anyone can memorize.....this crashed again very aggravating! a story and tell it......but a story about a one dimensional jerk is not that interesting people like that are a dime a dozen you know? I just feel like there would have to be more. ok. i will save. sigh.

Friday, February 01, 2013

in Chicago

there was a brief period that was meaningful to me Im remembering now.....well I guess most of my friends there ended up in NYC like me, and Brooklyn. I lost touch with all but a couple.....at least I see his facebook posts: Jed, though I was never that close to him. Kind of ironic.Aeysha was a very good friend and unfortunately we lost contact. I have no idea what happened to her.


I watched Annie Hall and laughed hysterically almost choked I was eating crispie noodles. I watched this film constantly in Chicago I think its even funnier now.....so many scenes I practically memorized. This film came out 15 years before the film JFK another of my favorites of course theyre completely different.....but in....I feel like Im writing a college paper.....again its hard to type.....but when I saw JFK and even read the book on the film....honestly murder is another fascination of mine I guess Im kind of sick.....I remebered the scene with Woody Allen and Carol King (big cq I think thats her name)......polititians one notch below child molestor I love it! The thing is I thought everyone in quotes knew about Annie Hall and the murder conspiracy theories regarding the Kennedy Assassination....but......when JFK the whole discussion, which.......page after page after.....it was endless the verbiage this produced.......back and forth....... much criticism came out like it was the first time anyone had suggested that, ever. In those days "controversey" was the name of the game in the media but well I wont digress.....it all brought me back to when I was living in Chicago while in school as a teenager. That plus I listened to the Red Hot Chili Peppers for the first time in......that was really another life. It was good for a time but I really was so naive then. I remebering that I knew so little of anything but then again a lot of it was kept a secret. I had no way really of knowing. Oh yes, Controversey the name of Prince's first album?There's a Jeopardy question! I knew as a little kid cuz Dad's neighbor was a record promoter.Me the sophisticate? I dunno.....maybe it wasnt kept hidden maybe I chose to deny or disbelieve? not sure.....I apologize for the splotchy copy editing its because it is very difficult to navigate this and correct.