oh lovelies

Sunday, February 17, 2013

just ran in the FRIGID cold

but I feel so much better. Amazing, after what I've been through. I raced huffing and puffing to the Chinese food place  to get soup and egg rolls. I realize I soumded crazy in that post about the space heater but I need to clarify cause this is embarassing: I must have been lucid dreaming or maybe lack  of sleep induced hallucination or my imagination.....no I was not high. Just what it sounded like, you know? I am so happy to get my life back and for the people close to me their pain is my pain, if my friends are hurting I hurt. I was upset earlier cause a good friend is having problems and another went through some kind of emergency. Plus I lost money. But I feel surprisingly good now. After resting. Now I must eat......I feel like I am dropping to the floor I am so starving.....

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