oh lovelies

Monday, December 31, 2007

dreading tonight

I am not a fan of New Years Eve and I know all it's going to be is people everywhere getting shitfaced and worse. Plus, a mess. Plus, annoying people. I'm not feeling festive right now and the astrological chart for today is not good. Maybe it's PMS but I'm feeling down, now. But I'll try to be upbeat.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

xmas another year!

Good but tiring, expensive and stressful for all involved. Not easy on anyone. But....it went well with no family fights and I love presents and the atmosphere of it. My mother's a great cook and I really feasted heavily............still; I'm happy to be back to normal life. And to get out of there, honestly. They drove me home and seemed horrified at Brooklyn and my surroundings. What can I do? At least I'm taking care of myself, you know? I love them, but we're different.

Sunday, December 23, 2007


is it good or bad all this stuff--nails, cleaning stuff, hand soap, degreaser, get laundry ready for the cleaning lady, sniff a tiny bit of blow before running, run up the endless miserable brooklyn hills, rain getting in my eyes and i wear contacts, all the way to no man's land in red hook, seagulls flying around what must be corpses in the river, see a friend who smokes the rest of my weed..................this area; isolated, empty, separate from the rest of new york, what used to be junkies, squatters, and is slowly becoming artists and "yuppies" I swear there's no end to them------- and they all look the same, all these women have the same hair and wear the same thing I've never seen anything like it---- ever-- walk miles in the rain to my favorite pasta place in brooklyn heights, finally, after endless walking up more hills I get there, eat, go to connetitcut muffin for a cafe mocha with skim milk, get on a crowded bus, get off early because I can't take the crowd, walk home in the rain............

Monday, December 17, 2007

so what is going on

I've been neglecting this I know. just been so frantic, so hard to keep up with everything.

I come home only wanting to fall into bed but I am caring for five cats now.....it's kind of comic in a way but it's exhausting and endless. I have to spend an hour cleaning up after them....let's not even get into that.

I looked at my face in the mirror today. Outside. I looked ravaged; there's a big pimple scar and bags under my eyes and the stress shows. Everything, mostly, said about me is BS. People who know nothing about me try to paint my life in their own shades of interpretation, and I have to expend so much energy denying all of this.

And I've been reading up on the Manson family members, in particular Leslie van Houten and Susan Atkins. Personally, though I don't have time to go into this now; I think they deserve to be paroled. They've done their time and paid, and they've been good prisoners. Why did Robert Chambers get out after not even twenty years, and these women have been there almost forty? It's not right. They were brainwashed, at the time. Not to excuse what they did, but they've paid more than enough. I don't know when or if it'll happen.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

this speaks for itself

thanks to indymedia for updating us on this.

Pretty disturbing, but also reassuring; that people will go to these lengths to defend what they think is right.