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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

more on environment.....

we all smoked cigarettes at that job too.....some example us! We would go down tjhe block door to door with people telling us to fuck off then take cigarette breaks.....one night of the week was party night where we'd all go to a local bar, right near Morgans Market which is still there. I didn't have ID I remember I went to one of these places on 42nd street I was so clueless.....this woman who was the accountant told me she had never seen an ID like mine. I managed finally after a month to get paid. Then I went to Chicago to see my dad. I had been riprimanded by my supervisor for something and at least had the satisfaction of telling her I was leaving....sher just said OK and then long pause......

Chevy Chase and the environment...part two

You would have to be Mother Theresa NOT to look back on these things and think, I was young and hot a lot of men wanted me and I had tits why wasn't I making easy money......it isn't really that easy I know women and men who dance for tips it's a lot of work but still.....you could I suppose say the same for all the girls working at NYPIRG but here we were at this place. Plus I lived with my mom and it would have been hard to explain where I was going at 1130 at night not coming back til 3am.....thought they had day shifts too .....I am getting to the subject. So there was one person at this job who was a sales genius, a young, pretty good looking man named Jeff. He once made the remark that he dressed like a conservative even though he was a liberal: in a blue (a soothing color, he said; he thought of everything!) suit even in summer, even though we were out in midday walking door to door on our "turf." saving.One time at the end of our shifts I overheard someone saying Jeff managed to get $500 from Chevy Chase .....we went to various towns in Long Island and upstate. That was an exhorbitant sum.....the how the means I'm not sure but there you have it. All this came back to me as I read from a wiki article on Chase. Quite interesting and controversial his bio if I can find it perhaps I will read it. It saod he is active in environmental issues.....aside from his alleged rant with racial epithets well you know I guess like anything flawed human being but .....how did I even find this? I was looking for sketch material on you tube.

Chevy Chase and the environment

unbelievable and infuriating....my phone crashed and what I wrote got erased. So here it is again from my head.
I came across on youtube the Chevy Chase appearance on David Letterman. Speaking of which I will be SO happy to get tv finally!!!!! It was quite interesting.....I always found him funny and as a kid my family and I used to watch snl tapes all the time. David Letterman is froIndiana same as my father and his side of my family. I will save for safety. I am dying to re-visit there as soon as weather and other things permit because I have been terribly neglectful. I was remembering running through cornfields which are .....you will know when in them.....very warm and calming.....passing James Deans house as well. I am digressing so anyhow I never knew much about Chevy Chase but did a google search its an interesting story. He left NYC and snl for a girl he married then divorced.....I know people who have left situations to regret it later.....love is often a factor. What can I say? You take your chances. I am writing this all over again from scratch after I pause again to save. So.....one summer when I was 17 I took one of those godawful jobs going door to door to raise money for the environment. Considering my sales ability and knowledge of the environment at 17 (carbon monoxide, I was.....not exactly a sage after failing chemistry; this evil professor at my school took delight in my humiliation.....that jealous battleaxe) I was terrified of approaching strangers not to mention getting on their nerves......but it must be testament to something in me.....I managed to get hired and stay on the job (barely) til I left a month later. My last day was my best but there you are. saving again.The headquarters of this place were exactly one block away from where I lived but I got there late one time and was yelled at.....had a crisis which drew sympathy then we all went out for drinks even thoughwe were almost all underage. This all happened downtown in tribeca.....and the WTC was still there. Oh well we didnt have that issue.....that was goods to come. In another life. Anyhow......this was in the midsummer.....we would be sitting in traffic in the scorching sun.....this one time in the car in front of us this poor kid was sitting behind the glass in the back of a car but he handled it well....his expression how can I forget? He took it gracefully. If that had been me I would have jumped out I get horribly claustrophobic. Also this was before gps or we they rather did not have it considering money was not abundant here. One person would sit with a map to navigate.You could say at that time.....I went into that job knowing diddly squat about the environment but by the time I left I was a little expert. So. That job was hard and I hung onto it by the skin of my teeth. All at the tender age of 17. I wasted my time? Would I have been better off stripping there I said it? The strip club was right next door. Pisses me off.....I was young gorgeous I could have been getting tips I could have done so many things but maybe it's all for the better.....don't know if that would have been the right thing either. Once I turned 18 I could have gone to social services saying I was being abused and gotten an apartment. Oh, it's done. Abusing the system yes but maybe the ends justified (a biblical word) the means?

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Last post (edited)

Especially considering I am from Chicago and never lived in the Valley....guess there's Death and Silicone and how many valleys? I am being really silly I am fried. I have been in this space working so many hours. I go out have nights with friends some nights and other times I am sequestered. Speaking of valley girls....when I was about ten or so my dad bought me....so crazy but informative if you ever listen to the Moon Unit Zappa song....the. Valley Girl handbook. All the expressions they used like "bag those toenails" and "gag me with a spoon" and "barf out" what are some of the others? Were outlined and defined in that book. I hope though I never was this. Not now as I am way older of course. I saw a website or book of some kind on Ali G and his expressions like "fit" "minger" "wicked" .....and what is Staines? Trying to think of the others......
I am on a no brainer maybe as I have been dealing with very heavy stuff and having to concentrate very hard. And writing out my goals. This kind of stuff can feel like interrogation especially when people interrogate you asking what you want and what are your goals? Then you tell them and they get pissed. They were I suppose wanting to hear something different. Here are some things and I am about to divulge my heart......

Go someplace warm soon Florida, LA, Colombia
Renew drivers license passport
better acting jobs (I know what you're going to say I don't want to hear it)
Better dancing jobs
Move back to brooklyn
More cats
Kids(I struggle with this. the world is overpopulated.....)
Write book
Get set together perform
More sp work
Cats course
Drive more
Poems performed win slams
Learn pole dance
More well paying gigs
Maybe warm weather isn't for everyone or california but I am so wanting to go!

There are so many great people I have met here and the park is nice but I miss brooklyn and guys friends always

hey hey plow on

sorry for my absence. had some things going on.....which leads me to the task at hand. i was so tired after running i could hardly move but knew i had to shower and so on. and wash the floor. i did the first thing. it's 3:20 am am so flat tired but feel i need to do  this for my own reasons.a lot of stuff.....fell behind.....i suppose this is a boring post. made me think of Cinderella? I would hope.....I hate floor washing. Its the worst. But it gets better after. I am I suppose OCD about at least that I do need to be organized and at least have a clean floor. Compounding the problem is my hair and what to do with it.....its all mixed up with the other stuff but I feel I can't just throw my hair away. It's a part of me.....

Monday, March 11, 2013

Friday, March 08, 2013

Lion killing

http://news.yahoo.com/lion-mauling-death-dangerous-private-zoos-013620138.html. Sorry to be mia.....was a tad under the weather. I am full of puns today. These stories tear me apart.....another, sorry.....really. the one solution to this problem is a) NOT to have zoos in the firat place I am absolutely and thoroughly opposed to all animal captivity. Zoos, circuses and God forbid laboratories animals do not belong to us. It's all immoral and all I want is to break apart the bars and set these animals free not like what happened in Ohio obviously but in the environment they are from the only place and life nature intended for them. These animals are NOT pets.....snakes, lions.....sorry I am going to speak plainly. How can people be so stupid? I don't think they necessarily deserve to die. But the ONLY solution to this problem is to let these animals go. Send them back to Siberia, Africa, Australia.....is it the Western imperial mentality.....we will take this prize with us? Someone like that does deserve to get killed honestly. There was the case in Bolivia where lions forced to work in a circus....disgusting....were set free in the jungle. They were seen leaving the cages and walking back to their natural home.....and they returned to life as normal. People say they can't survive in their natural habitat....bullshit. It's only going to be more tragedies like this as long as people are ignorant. Zoos circuses laboratories such horrors are evil barbaric unethical and must all be demolished. That is my opinion.