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Friday, March 08, 2013

Lion killing

http://news.yahoo.com/lion-mauling-death-dangerous-private-zoos-013620138.html. Sorry to be mia.....was a tad under the weather. I am full of puns today. These stories tear me apart.....another, sorry.....really. the one solution to this problem is a) NOT to have zoos in the firat place I am absolutely and thoroughly opposed to all animal captivity. Zoos, circuses and God forbid laboratories animals do not belong to us. It's all immoral and all I want is to break apart the bars and set these animals free not like what happened in Ohio obviously but in the environment they are from the only place and life nature intended for them. These animals are NOT pets.....snakes, lions.....sorry I am going to speak plainly. How can people be so stupid? I don't think they necessarily deserve to die. But the ONLY solution to this problem is to let these animals go. Send them back to Siberia, Africa, Australia.....is it the Western imperial mentality.....we will take this prize with us? Someone like that does deserve to get killed honestly. There was the case in Bolivia where lions forced to work in a circus....disgusting....were set free in the jungle. They were seen leaving the cages and walking back to their natural home.....and they returned to life as normal. People say they can't survive in their natural habitat....bullshit. It's only going to be more tragedies like this as long as people are ignorant. Zoos circuses laboratories such horrors are evil barbaric unethical and must all be demolished. That is my opinion.

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