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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Simple Minds/Peter Gabriel

A little over a year ago I was watching this video and had an awful feeling. A few hours later the news came out about Reeva Steenkamp's murder. "The eyes of the world are watching you" .....last night I watched this same video and......what words? The random acts of shooting in Europe and California, bizarre meteor shower........"silicon chip inside her head" that was 1979. A car crash that killed one girl and put her sister on a coma last night I had a horrible feeling like I was encapsulated in a dark cloud I got the nine of swords on a Tarot reading, queen of swords in reverse: female stalker and spying. Don't you love it when women fuck over women.....


Retribution......Echoes of.........

*clears throat* I have to say it: Ted.
I did not want to face a terrifying predicament of something so overpoweringly drastic but I suffered due to this man's deliberate intentional sadistic brutality. What this young man, who is not unattractive, says could have been scripted by Ted word for word. I made no secret of the fact that I thought he was dangerous and face facts I bolted from the scene too traumatized and afraid to even go back and get my things. I was forced to call the cops which was incredibly harrowing. Plus  a hotline and furthermore I was punished and made a pariah because of him......all because I didn't....... I was making moves to leave and that's when stalkers are the most deadly. That post on report your ex got taken down surely due to that scumbags maneuvering where he was accused of rape, threats to kidnap, breaking and entering none of which I'd put past him. Why was nothing done? Kidnap and take the kid across the Canadian border this a matter for Interpol. I have only suspicion but .....his friends need to stop being in denial or protecting him he is a malicious, vindictive cruel and dangerous man. I truly believe that .....last week I had to call the cops on a neighbor who was beating up his girlfriend. Why me the burden?


This does sound familiar

Call it what it is: hate crime against women. The shooting of a model on the subway a few years ago, in NYC.....a friend of mine made that remark. Not taking no for an answer. I have known men like this heaven help you if you come under their radar.....unfortunately it takes a drastic incident like this before anything is done. The resources are inadequate.

Who's behind the California shooting rampage? http://www.cnn.com//2014/05/24/us/california-shooting-suspect/index.html

Had one of these earlier

3 am when I was watching the Boomtown Rats. I have a really bad sense of direction walked the wrong way.....maybe cause I am left handed I do everything in reverse go right when I should go left ect.....

The Definitive Ranking Of Veggie Burgers http://bzfd.it/1hkVAKx

California shooting

I kind of skimmed through this but it seems this happened simultaneously with what happened in Belgium. Southern California, when I was researching flights to LA. Is this the Laura effect again? The Spencer shootings occurred in San Diego the south. This is one of those "beautiful girl whole life ahead of her why did she do this?" Type of things.....

Brenda Ann Spencer

Oops my bad. 1979. California. USA of course.....she shot people at her school. 15 years later the Columbine attacks.....

Attack in Brussels pt. 2

I was watching this video must have been 3 am or so sitting in a coffee shop after work (as I do around the clock) I remember live aid (listen to that crowd!). I'd never heard this group before. One of these Tea Party conspiracy theory youtube stations which I'd rather not name .....couldn't stop laughing at this: discussing Peaches' possible murder/cover up (don't want to say too much) said something about her father......something like eco terrorist.........the man host described him as "tax people for breathing".......I'm thinking if that's the worst of his offenses I can think of people who've done more......I mean there was scads and scads of unrest in the 80s punk rock had everything to do with it. There were a lot of casualties and it was an uphill battle but it lead to the end of apartheid and the fall if the Berlin Wall. If I remember this right an article I read said Bob Geld of descends from Belgian Jews who emigrated..... not sure if that's right word......to Ireland. Something like that. This song was written about an incident where I think a girl went to her high school and shot a bunch of people, reason being she didn't like Mondays. 1985. Before Columbine.......we all went to high school sheesh this could have been any of us. Listening to this made me think of Pretty in Pink......just very 80s esque.......


Attack in Brussels

I used to hang out in Washington Sq. Park as I lived in the Village it's amazing how you think you've seen every kind of insanity possible but there are infinite degrees.  This came out after I'd just read about someone who is of Belgian Jewish descent.


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Edward Glover......found one of his books

The Roots of Crime. Just beginning......at the time being gay was considered criminal. For all the errors it makes for an interesting read........

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

lack of sleep and taskmastering, trying to.....

I have a terror of list making but do anyhow.1) med 
3) po
4) ru 
6) hou 
7) cgapp
8) scoapt
10) PObp

 ......only I can unerstand.......for a reason. 

Have been putting together new material and getting back in shape after being injured a year ago and other things.......that I've written on elsewhere. Found a song very gorgeous, maudlin and sexy thought it was good to use. But then found out about the passing of someone, and thought this is so morbidly depressing although I feel love for the one gone, and there are too many......I just don't want to be depressed anymore. So found something from an essential mix of one of my favorite djs......that still figures in. Upbeat and crazy.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Lostprophets Popworld Xmas......oh boy.....

Child abuser and convicted pedo Ian Watkins as Santa......wonder whose idea this was......"what was the highlight?" "kids....." this does not make for easy reading. It was the women/girls who gave this man their babies to abuse, to put it nicely.......whom Peaches Geldof outed on Twitter before getting in trouble. To some, she blabbed a little too much. Five months later, she was dead of an overdose. Or so it was ruled. Overall, very sad. Young beautiful people with loads of potential.....

Monday, May 19, 2014

The Doors Movie - Light My Fire Ed Sullivan Show

Been a while since I saw this film......remembered this scene just recently..........

2 Unlimited - No Limit (1993)

When I was in Jersey City and my phone went out and I felt like I was being sealed into my own mausoleum.......the crunch yoga tape was the light peeking out from the rock. Super duper saturated and syrupy but in proportion in the reverse.........it was Sara Ivanhoe. I had no music, no phone, no email......just a jagged house built after the 9/11 attacks an ugly brown rug that I scrubbed as per directions a back yard with an old, abandoned tire and floorboards that hadn't been touched in 15 years.......a window that didn't close......my friends visited me periodically thank heaven one of those times I may as well have been exiled......anyway this video reminds me of that. Pretty over the top.

who knew

they were watching history of unimaginable proportions in the happening..........they must"ve.......Simone de Beauvoir wrote about humans having "opposable thumb" the thing to starting civilization out of a wilderness......use of tools. So it's going on still yet.......?

Dawn of Man

Cat learns to use fork, spoon, chopsticks

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

One occupational hazard.....

Working as a reporter in the field.....

Journalist "Disappeared" From Egyptian Prison Could Die Within Days http://bzfd.it/1mVvbLc

truth be told

I'm not really mean. I acted mean at times. I have been enraged and had my battles. Guess I can't deny it. I don't wake up or go to sleep with diabolical intentions to hurt people......you'd have to have REALLY fucked with me to make me want to do that. I have been thinking about the Jodi Arias case again I have to say I am sorry for what happened to Travis and for what his family is going through. I understand the pain and struggles they've talked about. I don't really know what happened to him (as in who did this) or why. Just that my deepest intuition, which I know is not error-proof, tells me Jodi is not a bad person, far from it, and that she shouldn't be where she is. ? For now......

last post

that was a little harsh.......intended for certain people though.

Distressing morning.......has been abated somewhat.


Why Men Cheat
Why Women Cheat........


It sucks that that happens to anybody but truth be told too many men don't treat their women right .......having been there I can only say that men need to know women are not their property they do not own them or have a "right" to them. You can't just treat someone badly and keep inflicting pain and unhappiness on them and expect them to love you for it. Or deliberately in a way that is slighting, disrespectful and offensive all because you feel slighted. Along comes Mr. Charming with the kind words, the flattery the gifts and if he's reasonably attractive then ......bam! If you're not even in a relationship with her, and you sense she is avoiding you, backing out, or preparing to leave either way, deal with it. Last experience (Ted) an unmitigated disaster and no, I'm not over it......after what I suffered at his doing I am weary and the wiser. Problem is, you leave one bad circumstance for another........ Elizabeth Wurtzel made a point of not asking your friends or family to help you move anyhow. The knight in shining armor you will find out is a power-obsessed maniac who will fight like hell to maintain that control over you and will be limitlessly vindictive if he senses you are leaving or moving on, if he can't. Don't make that mistake! Furthermore, in light of a recent conversation I had with a guy on Facebook, don't make diminutive comments or put downs in disguise of trying to help a woman then expect her to want to go out with you.  Don't expect her to love you for making her miserable. Man up already and deal with it: she doesn't want you. Many years ago, my then boyfriend warned me about Ted and that he's up to no good and I now see he was right and regret not listening to him, and for subsequently hurting him.......yikes. It's fucked up but you live and learn.

Monday, May 12, 2014


come summer it's sad but true less layers more lewd stares, comments, laughs.......not willing to take a brush off or rejection without a "bitch" ect. This is not about fun and games and the women getting harassed have not asked for it it's merely a form of power, intimidation and abuse. Sad that it doesn't end, day after day year after year. Today's incident was of a particularly malicious nature.....I was walking by these two men were sitting nearby I did not get a good vibe from them......I looked away and walked by as quickly as possible but taking that as a re-buff these men began laughing loudly and making jeering comments. They did the same to a disabled girl who walked by. I took their picture coming back as clandestinely as possible but one guy saw me and his look was very scary and I get the feeling he will not hesitate to try to hurt me if he feels I'm challenging this but I don't have a choice. Sick, you know? Really really sick. I wonder why .......sad that such diseased scum exists among the human race. At least now we have some defense and some options. It's a real struggle though.Where do I go and what do I do? If I complain to someone they may or may not be sympathetic. The officer on duty was a guy and busy with other stuff. If I make an official complaint where will it go? Who do I complain to? I don't know. Nor do I get any enjoyment out of going to these measures. It's not like I don't have other things to do. But that's exactly the point.

Sunday, May 04, 2014

Pink Peaches Boutique

I'm completely transfixed by the Peaches Geldof death.....have been listening to Pink Floyd I saw an interview with her where she talked about the seven Bs with raising her baby.....she died on April 7 Peaches has seven letters in it my birthday is.7/25.....she was 25 =7.....heroin? Probably cut with Valium or who knows.....her mom ODed and her father starred in the Pink Floyd film morbidly depicting dope addiction.......just doesn't make sense.....

Touching bizarre

I was walking and heard "sweet caroline" by Neil Diamond blasting, I mean blasting, from somewhere.......these people were having a party and it was coming out their window. Now, my reason for writing this: Chris Brodeur aka Touching You roommated with my ex Justin for a while before they were illegally forced out on Broome St. One night Justin was playing "Sweet Caroline" super loud to annoy Chris......talking about Jesus complex? Justo Christo.....witches Broome.....Justin and I argued one night because I had told him I saw bizarre graffiti around the neighborhood. Chris B had taken some kind of chastity oath  at least for a while.....if he didn't die for our sins he at least went to jail for them. His you tube videos are quite compelling.....

Saturday, May 03, 2014

Im not saying

.......everyone should just quit their job or that business is wrong I mean.......if there was a revolution that led to a whole new system......at the ......still someone even if food were doled out ultimately someone would still have to prepare it and harvest it and put it on the plate and serve it to people......everyone has to work I am not saying that's wrong.....I mean if you choose to not have a job and panhandle then panhandling   becomes your job.....everyone needs help at some point ......everyone.....but.......work is a reality and seeing that realistically when will the revolution happen? It's another war that .......in the meantime until that happens there's the.immediate  situation as opposed to the ideal one: you have to eat  and have a roof over your head (short term goals) and this is what's available......I mean if I'm asked what are my short and long term goals what do I want I already know the answer to that. I ......if there were no Wall Street there'd probably be no City Ballet either which relies on grants......a waitress gets tips from business people so.....artists.complain about the industry being a corporation but that's also what feeds them I mean right or wrong that's how it is.......if people stopped harvesting wheat or converting soybeans to tofu or milking cows.....then......? Could we go back to picking berries off trees .....that in itself......would be exhausting.......so maybe there is an alternate way but even living as an anarchist takes exorbitant reserves of energy defying the system defending your way of life and .....so I ......someone.has to work these jobs but not everyone is.cut out to do the same work. 
How would you get from New York to London or Queens to Brooklyn.....