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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Retribution......Echoes of.........

*clears throat* I have to say it: Ted.
I did not want to face a terrifying predicament of something so overpoweringly drastic but I suffered due to this man's deliberate intentional sadistic brutality. What this young man, who is not unattractive, says could have been scripted by Ted word for word. I made no secret of the fact that I thought he was dangerous and face facts I bolted from the scene too traumatized and afraid to even go back and get my things. I was forced to call the cops which was incredibly harrowing. Plus  a hotline and furthermore I was punished and made a pariah because of him......all because I didn't....... I was making moves to leave and that's when stalkers are the most deadly. That post on report your ex got taken down surely due to that scumbags maneuvering where he was accused of rape, threats to kidnap, breaking and entering none of which I'd put past him. Why was nothing done? Kidnap and take the kid across the Canadian border this a matter for Interpol. I have only suspicion but .....his friends need to stop being in denial or protecting him he is a malicious, vindictive cruel and dangerous man. I truly believe that .....last week I had to call the cops on a neighbor who was beating up his girlfriend. Why me the burden?


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