oh lovelies

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

lack of sleep and taskmastering, trying to.....

I have a terror of list making but do anyhow.1) med 
3) po
4) ru 
6) hou 
7) cgapp
8) scoapt
10) PObp

 ......only I can unerstand.......for a reason. 

Have been putting together new material and getting back in shape after being injured a year ago and other things.......that I've written on elsewhere. Found a song very gorgeous, maudlin and sexy thought it was good to use. But then found out about the passing of someone, and thought this is so morbidly depressing although I feel love for the one gone, and there are too many......I just don't want to be depressed anymore. So found something from an essential mix of one of my favorite djs......that still figures in. Upbeat and crazy.

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