oh lovelies

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I lost my cell phone. I think I left it in my friend's car. I went to the trouble and expense of buying a halloween costume but this thing I wanted to go to in dc I guess it's not going to happen. There's more but I don't want to go into it here. So now I'm drinking some wine to calm my nerves. :)

Monday, October 29, 2007

hypocrisy, misogyny and poetic justice

bastards. Will get very emotional on this issue: prostitution arrests. I know there are male hookers, but too many are female and the arrest of someone for selling sex is a form of discrimination; an attempt to control a woman's body in the same way anti abortion laws do. The fact that there are women who support these acts really scratches at me....all the time. Also considering the lack of support from women who call themselves radical feminists for any measures to improve the lives of sex workers; instead standing behind the "swedish model" I mean I don't think this would have happened in the 60s and 70s, or among the original Redstockings members. How fucking dare anyone come down on or judge anyone else for their sexual behavior? I mean what is done behind closed doors. Women are stupid, much of the time, and hurt other women and keep them down.

However, these men have done their bit as well. Reading about this stuff makes me....I don't want to use the word "hate" because I don't believe in it, but Bush is....oh he's so bad, so bad.....why is he on this earth? How could he be allowed to live with the rest of humanity? He's a murderer. And his administration. All this atrocity is happening to our own people and nothing is being done about it. Not right. Please people join the campaigns to stop this. However, there's hope. That prick got what was coming to him........

Friday, October 12, 2007

am going to be productive; not going to f around

making lists. I get home and want to fall into bed.....so often I do. But there's, you know, all the other stuff.....and that's what tortures me because it's so much work and so stressful. Like I'm thinking of all the things I'm looking for: more travel; like to South America, back to Egypt, back to Europe; do I want to stay in NYC (good and bad qualities) or move to LA/Egypt/London/Berlin/Barranquilla......or go back to school full time; study philosophy and Spanish; buy a car; dance; make an album; make a dance piece; a play; write more articles.....buy a place; ect ect ect.....speak Spanish/German/French fluently....

so of course this is overwhelming.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Christine following me?

so I got obsessed with that film. Today, as I was leaving the gym after dealing with these two ANNOYING women/girls.....I saw this car that could have been the one in Christine. I had just been thinking about it, too. The same design, red, dated--no way it's from this era--

I don't know what it means, but I was a little freaked. The movie starts on September 12 which is my mom's birthday, and my mom is from Detroit. The actor Keith Gordon is so cute in it I just want to hug him and more............

Thursday, October 04, 2007

running, movies and reading

So I figured out how to put films and music videos on my ipod and so this is what gets me through running on the treadmill. I usually get to the gym tired, in a bad mood and hungry--just wanting to crawl back into bed or else eat. I watched the film Christine today--once in a while a film grabs me by the tit and won't let go and this is one of them. Steven King and John Carpenter are brilliant as is the acting, mainly by the lead.

Favorite videos are: Janet Jackson: All for You, Brooke Hogan: About Us, Madonna and Britney Spears: Me Against the Music, Britney Spears: Overprotected, Michael Jackson (all, pretty much), Gwen Stephani: Rich Girl.........

As for books, right now I'm reading Autobiography of a Blue Eyed Devil by Inga Muscio. Pretty interesting--flawed but is making me understand a few things better. Part of me is thinking: tell me something I don't know. But actually, in some parts she is. We're living on stolen land among other things: it makes me think of all those happy "history" stories we were taught in school about Christopher Columbus and Pocohantas.

So I've been working constantly and am under the usual pressures it never is easy. But I'm making progress; it's slow and uphill but happening. I bought good chocolate and coffee to wake up to in the morning plus organic milk; I'm lucky to be able to enjoy these things! Still of course I need more, though. I really want to travel and am waiting for my passport not to mention for my health insurance to kick in. I have to deal with accountants. Yeck---I'd rather go to the dentist any day. But reading about all the suffering and misery of the world puts me in a foul place especially in the mornings. I feel angry and depressed. Then I get over it, sort of, for a while. I'm not really a happy person and can't understand all these peppy people around me. Maybe it's an illusion--but are they oblivious to what is around them? Right under their noses? That's what this book is talking about...........