oh lovelies

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Fort Greene in the news....

This neighborhood doesn't get its due, but now the Times wrote up the Farmer Deli....

I'm telling you this is no exaggeration.....

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

so.....open mic in bushwick and sexual harassment

this neighborhood is......less than fabulous, to be honest. but this open mic at the bookstore something is amazing! this is absolutement for me. I can feel better about my singing/songwriting cause there are others here at my level. I will write more on this when I have time to meditate but I am so happy to have found my element in this scene. I am love. An art star? I don't label myself. I am just me. But this is my crowd. Kind of frightening....to have that shown to you!

So this was supposed to be songs based on a book you read. Naturally I modeled my song after Sylvia Plath's Ariel book. But I wrote this before I'd heard of this event. Foreshadowing? Sylvia Plath is awesome and I'm not even into poetry. I would have fucked her and I'm not even into women.....that's how fabulous she is!!!!



there's you there's me
we could be both
from the same mirror
there's nothing to fear

you are the one I have to face
I can't be erased no no
was I too late
was it my fate

does the moon pull me
am I like jello, like the sea
can I be set free
do I want to be

I'm the other
the thing on the side
when will it be mine
will I live, will I still live

the sea pulls me
the moon owns me
I am in the mirror
far away there's
no one to fear

did they trick me
can I be set free
do I want to be

everything is split in half
this cracked egg is all I have
when there's no one around
you make a display
can anyone see it?

the moon is pulling me
it never really owned me
you made me your enemy once
if that's the way you want to go
could this be what you know

where are they
who are they with
I shouldn't worry
I'm in no hurry me or them
me or them