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Saturday, February 25, 2012

winter blows

I hate it. Need to get out of this.

I'm working on new projects which are going well but it's taken its toll on me physically and I need to rest big time. I need .............. to just sleep for like a day. So hot you wake up sweating that's how I prefer it.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Whitney Houston

I read....saw a headline, maybe it was the Examiner, one of those.....she may have been murdered. Guess no one really knows the cause of death. But.....look at the statistics....prescription drugs were found by the crime scene.

Whitney Houston, prescription drugs
Michael Jackson, prescription drugs
Amy Winehouse, prescription drugs
Brittany Murphy, prescription drugs
Heath Ledger, prescription drugs
Marilyn Monroe, prescription drugs

A young woman died recently from the birth control pill Yaz. I know it's one death but others have been permanently disabled from it. This woman was previously healthy, and only 18 years old.


this is disturbing stuff, not the kind of thing I like reading. I could go on and on about this....and these drugs are legal, and declared "safe" by the FDA after "passing" tests......they are not safe. True, you could overdose on Clorox or jump off a building but it's far more likely people will overdose on prescription drugs. Too many people and animals.....by legion....are dying unnecessarily. That's ....I mean that's a huge understatement. This is murder, murder, murder, and murder. To those women in NOW who shot down the universal health care bill....shame on you and the blood of humans and animals dying from these barbaric, archaic and fraudulent tests by the pharmaceutical companies YOU defended, even though every single woman, without exception, that we spoke to at the conference supported universal health, is on your hands for standing by doing nothing when faced with this crisis. You know who you are. So congratulations as yes this is partly your doing. You are murderesses. I'm not going to mince words. Did these companies "contribute" to NOW? Some might call it a bribe. Sorry, but people like you are the worst of the worst, since you pretend to be what you are not. Even someone like Phyllis Schafly or Sarah Palin is straightforward about who they are......they don't pretend to be on the side of their victims. The truth has to out and it's not a pretty one. Mitt Romney is not pretending to stand up for women and animals. You have blood on your hands, blood on your hands that will never wash off.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

St. Valentine

Actually the term "My Bloody Valentine" may be fitting since.....there were three of them but one was St. Valentine,  a priest martyred in Rome in 269 CE, buried in the Flaminian Way. He was marrying lovers when Roman Emperor Claudius II had banned marriage. Martyred meant off with your head back then. This was one of three and the facts are really disjointed. There was another St. Valentine in the late 2nd century, also beheaded. A third was martyred in Africa. The head of one of them, is preserved in abbey of New Minster, Winchester. Another head is on display in Rome. OH this gets complicated. Not sure which one that was. He also is associated with curing blindness and epilepsy; as he had cured the blind daughter of his jailer, so she could read letters from "your Valentine."  Love is severed heads. I think this is very beautiful and poignant. I would have a wedding there....

St. Valentines Day Massacre

Eeh. Maybe part of that very bad feeling I got this am......well I'll get the bad out first, then go on to the better part. The St. Valentines Day Massacre the pictures of the crime scene are online but I won't post them here......they are not very pretty. This happened in Lincoln Park, Chicago, an area that is now a very scenic, trendy one, I used to work there. It's also very densely populated......I'd thought this would have happened in an abandoned garage on the south side somewhere.....Chicago is a huge city and full of off the map out in the middle of nowhere places like that. That....no one would encounter. Strange, this day and location. Also part of the Some Like it Hot story; where Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis' characters become unfortunate witnesses.....in an incident that decides their fate.....or if not that then well changes things.....

another MJ dream

This was a couple years ago....shortly after he died. I was.....in a house or something. Maybe like California. He was walking around....maybe it was a back yard or courtyard, not sure. He was beckoning me to follow him....he said something like, I'm down here. I followed....he lead me downstairs to a cellar of some kind. A cold one. I read a day or so later in the Enquirer .... I think.....that his body was being kept frozen in a morgue or basement......anyway. I mean. You know. It could be many things I know. Yes. Well that's what it was.

The Plaza Hotel is evil

Sorry no offense to anyone there, but it is. I.....you'd have to see it at night. Late. I was in that area around that time and....every window was black. I don't know what went on there. I know of people who stayed there that.....maybe the bad spirits, whatever you want to call it, of that place had something to do with what happened to them. I am not expecting people to take my word. So see for yourself. Go there in the wee hours some time and decide. If you dare. If you want to see it. You probably don't. All the horror films I saw....Amityville Horror, the Shining......it's those and more and I could just see blood coming out of every dark, dusty window of death in there. I started crying and turned away my whole body curled up....oh and this at the beginning of vday....


Wow. Me, as someone who is ....how do I say? But something about.....you can never have it happen so many times that it never fazes you to experience another. Something about it just rattles you to the core. The above story.....my god. Read for yourself. This is really fascinating.

I had this really bizarre dream about ....that I was at a friend's house. A guy, who moved to Africa a year ago. I found these files in his apartment...turns out they were addressed to Michael Jackson. They were some kind of documents.....or checks for money, that translated into cash. $100 bills. And $1000....I was thinking.....I didn't know there were $1000 bills.......and I was walking around with the files, thinking I had this money, but what to do with it? Should I return it.....it's not going to do him any good now. It was daytime. In the city.

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Madonna rips of ZZ Top?

 (whisper) you forgot the beard!

A fifty four year old groupie......go on, be an example for your 14 year old daughter!


Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Sea Mirror

this the mirror
this the sea
all of them are me 
all of them are me 

I'm on ice 
I'm underwater 
I'm on ice 
I'm underwater 

I'm in a mirror 
something falls wet
I'm in a mirror 
something falls wet 

Sea is the mirror
mirror is the sea 
return to me to me to me 

meant to be that's mine 
meant to be that's mine 
meant to be that's mine 

Two Women Discover Hidden Cameras In Their Apartment

Invasion of privacy is real......be vigilant!

Two 14 yr old girls commit suicide after being bullied

There are so many videos like this....the worst is the hate crime against two goth kids. Part of the problem is people aren't taught the reality of having to fight in this world. There are some who aren't going to back down. Why does the US have an army? There are scud dirts out there whose intentions are not benevolent. I speak as someone who was bullied, too. For me it was harassment, verbal abuse (mostly by way of sarcasm) over my views and because I stood up for animals. I didn't wear make up to protest tests that were done. I didn't know then there were alternatives. Look for the record I LOVE make up and going to Sephora....Duane Reade buying the newest eyeshadow and you know all that stuff. I guess I wasn't, after 6th grade, physically assaulted. I used to get followed home and roughed up, mostly pushing shoving, by the hoody kids. For me it was "equal opportunity;" they came from all backgrounds; black, white, Hispanic, rich, poor, female, male, ect. Yeah, it was a level field. But the worst they did was shove me to the ground. I've been hearing stories, from guys but some women, of kids REALLY beating the crap out of them to the point where they had to go to the hospital and then....in one case, a guy's father told him to go retaliate, and he did. Actually, my aunt told me the same, and I did. The kid was crying after that......but he decided years later to get "revenge." It doesn't end. People told me time would heal things. Honestly, it hasn't. But I never EVER would have considered ending my life.....maybe like everyone I had thoughts but there was no reason to leave life. I can only....really imagine what these poor kids went through. I had people who kind of coached me, a few friends who were sympathetic, even if they didn't completely shield me....I had role models; I KNEW that they (bullies) were losers going nowhere in life and that I was getting away from them. But all you CAN do at the end of the day is get away. There are sociopaths/psychopaths/borderline there are a million categories but these people exist and they are so far incurable. These are people who don't recognize that other beings, human and non human, feel, love, fear, value things as much as they do. I mean, hey, there are people beating the crap out of their own kids, why would they care about anyone else? I mean, looking at the statistics, which would have to be verified....it just goes on and on. All you can do is get away.....but in school that option isn't there. Maybe, if their parents aren't handling it right.....kids feel like they have no where to go, no one to turn to, that life is closing in on them. No one should ever be made to feel that way. It's a long battle but a lot has to get done about this. I don't know what the parents did or didn't do and I am NOT saying it's their fault.....although I do believe that schools and teachers were negligent. I know many times they are.....they see what is happening and do nothing to stop it. That does, frankly, happen. Maybe all the schoolyard bullies go into education so they can relive their glory years.....lol......that was sarcasm. But I would have to tell all parents tell your kids to tell you if something is happening IMMEDIATELY do not, kids, NOT say anything ever. You must let it be known so people can help you. If someone is touching you in a way you don't want them to, pressuring you to do something you don't want to, saying things to you that are upsetting, ect whatever it is tell someone so you can get help. Too many cases of this have ended tragically there need to be crisis centers like there are for rape and stalking victims.It's a mistake in American culture to think that people should be strong and able to shrug off what is coming their way, to make it completely ON THEIR OWN. No one, no human alive or dead, has ever EVER done that. Anyone who has gotten anywhere or done anything has gotten help. People NEED help......if they're in circumstances that are so traumatic that they're not livable where they are victims of what amounts to criminal activity; because this is under the law stalking, harassment, assault, terroristic threats, invasion of privacy there are many names but it is NOT legal to "bully" period......and the psychological damage is real and devastating. The same way for sexual harassment, rape, stalking it's an uphill battle first of all for it to be recognized.......but people subjected to repeated trauma are going to react. Blame the perpetrators not the victims. You're going to tell them now, after they're dead at 14, they should have toughed it out? Well, they didn't. I'm glad this subject is being dealt with....at least now with the internet there's more information more available. There needs to be more......

Sunday, February 05, 2012

BANNED YouTube Video


dance, cheers, sun

 Apollo, Ancient Greek Sun and Arts God
 Bay Laurel

The sun, varying light spectra. And the cheerleaders.....ever look at a pic of yourself and go "aaahhhhh!"?

Saturday, February 04, 2012

CL grievances, the list goes on and on


really this is ..................... WHAT can be done about this, and how soon????????????????????

Craigslist harassment and discrimination

No names but my suspicions .....maybe the police, the FBI, maybe the serial killer who's murdered several young women in Long Island and who is still walking free.......

here is one of the Neo Nazi posts.....it's only this guy (I assume it's a guy)

Nig History There really is none.

Date: 2012-02-04, 1:16PM EST
Reply to:

Still not one word of Mandingo History before Europeans gifted them with civilization.

No Bach, no books, no anything of value or beauty. It's funny how a beaver can build a dam that shows a higher level of thought and skill than any Pre European Influence Mandingo structure. But we don't let beavers vote.

Why is this? The fact is science has never considered the negro a human. It was the Church and its irrational ways that attempted to humanize the Negro. How well did they succeed? Watch tonight's news.

on the same note, he wants the white kids out.

Hipster transplants

Date: 2012-02-04, 1:13PM EST
Reply to:

Is there any way we could send these phony losers back to their home states. The homeboys should beat and rape them since they are pushing them out. The phony clowns dont like to live in white areas for fear of being called a racist or maybe because its not trendy enough. They ride old bikes and wear track jackets with BROOKLYN emblazoned everywhere. These pathetic losers need to be sent packing. They have destroyed the fiber of ny.

Shut up, you idiot. We ARE the fiber of NYC, us "hipsters" who are artists.  I'm talking about those of us who are the real deal (sure, there are a lot of poseurs out there, but not all of us). You wouldn't know what the "fiber of NY" is (because actually it is and always has been "hipsters" actually) if it fell on you. But what am I doing? It's futile, cause you can't argue with crazy people. As for "moving into black neighborhoods" gee, why is that? It's not hard to figure out. Why indeed do the punk kids move into "black" neighborhoods? Well, think about it. Think real hard. Hard. Oh, but that's supposed to be irrelevant. Actually, more like the Chinese "communist" areas. Think about THAT. The SAME real estate for 1/20th as much. What would you do? Pay the market rate? Sure you would. That's why you're so fond of outsourcing to India. You  hypocrite. Grrr. Oooooooohhhhhhhhhh. My cruel side is coming out......you asked for it.
Here is a site where many people have posted their grievances with CL 


This is unacceptable. Too many people all over the world have used CL successfully for all kinds of things and the majority of them are regular working people who need to make extra money. This site, five or six years ago, was excellent extremely resourceful. I am one of millions of people who was greatly, greatly aided by it....it opened up a lot of doors and opportunities for me . Now, these fuckheads have ruined it. This is not tolerable. They cannot get away with this. This is unacceptable. Maybe it's harassment by the police, I'm sure much of it is. Dirt fuckers. Or rivals whatever. Whoever is doing it, has no right to cause harm like this to innocent people. I'm ....I have a very good feeling that the individual committing massive murders in Long Island is also responsible, directly or indirectly, for what is happening. I'm one of many people who have been unfairly harassed and my accounts fucked with and no way am I going to let someone do this to me. OOH. OOOOHHHH. No. This must end. This site is getting a bad reputation in the news and unfairly, due to what amounts to relatively rare incidents (I mean involving violence between people who connect on the site). Honestly. Millions of transactions take place on this site every day but it only takes one thing.....I have contacted the staff innumerable times and gotten no response. This is absolutely harassment....whoever is doing it must be stopped. It's gone on too long and......there's well I won't say the rest. No one should be allowed to cause problems like this to innocent people and if you cause problems for one person there are others being affected too. This must be stopped. This person must be stopped. Anyone?