oh lovelies

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I am.....

these my earrings 
these ones diamonds 
the others gold 
the silver of the moon I am of it 

I've stepped outside myself I can't feel my mind 
all us, never was anything but 
it was a box, a horror hell I was shut in

all these sparks are mine 

my new words. still have to finish memorizing. why is this hard? the news is full of intense stuff. I'm waiting to see many people whom I miss. I hope I see them soon. 

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Buying books.....cause I still do.....

I went to Barnes and Nobles...the one down on Warren St. First of all....don't know if I wrote this before....I had discovered, at the neighboring Whole Foods, this machine that takes your blood pressure. This is when I was running by the river ( I miss that. Hoboken across the way....... Soon.) But my BP and oxygen saturation levels are all at normal. One less, better still! I .......I guess I'm someone who needs......what do I say? Maybe inspiration of some kind?

So I ....excuse my digression.....went to B and N because there are some books I REALLY want to read but they didn't have the ones I wanted. I was talking to the clerk, a young man.......maybe it was for moral reasons what have you.....I was asking for a book "Autobiography of a Blue Eyed Devil" by Inga Muscio.....which was out. This is a very important book and this store has a way of not having the books I want to read...that I consider important. Another was one on Pope Joan......which was a best seller in Europe. They did, however, have another book by Muscio...the clerk  told me, "I don't want to say it...." and showed me the screen....it was her other book "Cunt." I  then asked if they had "Rhett Butler's People" I think the author is named Donald McCegg....I have to check but due to my not being able to run too many windows I'm delaying.....also out. Finally...dying to read this..... "All the President's Men" by Bernstein and Woodward. I didn't get that...though they had it.....for some reason....I ended up getting a Bantam copy of Pride and Prejudice. Mainly because every time I'm in the store, any book store, there are, at every blink of an eye, always more spinoffs on this story. I've read it a couple times....but often there's stuff you miss the first or second....I'm reading that now having watched one BBC miniseries with my mom recently. Yes.....it all has sunk in much more than previously......awesome story of course.......

And the crime stories.....recently finished, and am re-reading.....Pulse by John Lutz. I looked for Single White Female (that one in particular I'm interested in) ......

more to come....

The internet access here is slow...... I have some great stuff which I will post as SOON as I get a better connection.

So yes it's been a while....but I have not been idle. My knee is slowly coming into its own me being the drama queen I imagined the worst.....but cross fingers ect. good. I haven't run....anywhere except, kind of funny, briefly around my room. I am on the ground floor and there are no people downstairs.  I have TONS of really great pictures to post but I'm having trouble doing this .....presently...to be fixed.

I do have a back yard which needs a lot of work. I know there are feral cats running around the area......don't even want to get started on this topic. For personal reasons. But...I bought some food and have been leaving it out....and someone is eating it. The cans are empty and the food is eaten. I hear one cat but don't see him.....and the neighbor's dogs bark I think when he/she comes around. Anyone want to fix up this yard? Just needs to be weeded. I did this once.....at another place. You need mosquito repellant .....and to keep your legs and arms covered. There's even a BBQ pit someone left....don't know how workable it is. .....? I never do that.

I will be back shortly......much more exciting stuff than this.....or should I say even more....

Oh yes.

Sunday, August 12, 2012


Long time since I last posted. Apologies. Damn internet sloooowwwww......

I read in the papers that $13 million worth of cocaine was recently siezed in Bayonne. Imagine that!

I am not watching the presidential campaigns because they are so disturbing and depressing. To me. I am watching shows like Criminal Minds like recently if I had other lives I'd be a forensic scientist.....a coroner it's quite fascinating to me. Really all those shows. Cold Case is another. Of course Law and Order.

For comedy my favorites are Seinfield and Two and a Half Men. John Cryer is so awesome!

So what else? I AM writing new poetry and I have to memorize my own words. Certain nefarious fuckers at one time decided to try to rip off my work. On that another time. Boy was I naive at one time! But no more. I'm very excited though I've been working very hard on new material.

This week has been tumultous. Maybe it's negativity in the air....the people yesterday who were murdered (the knife weilding maniac in Times Square....one more reason not to hang around that area. And the triathlete.....I admire them for being able to do so much activity and I suppose deaths are not that common but they do occur. People don't understand why (another coroner's job?) but swimming in the Hudson...bleh. I give all my kudos to anyone who can do that!

There will be more to come.....