oh lovelies

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Snow Queen, revised

out here, where there are trees

out here, how did you get out here

the numbers keep repeating
says it means something
numbers keep repeating
one two three you're almost done
almost there
how long will it be, this time?

he meant well, they tell her
you were pricked by the thorn of a rose
you think it didn't matter
that it couldn't hurt
you thought it wouldn't matter

they couldn't lie, no they couldn't
couldn't lie
and did I escape
always somehow, I feel her tentacles on me
always somehow, it's orange but not enough
only an apple sweet and bitter
your lips as red as the skin as
white as the inside
the red of blood so poingnant against
the whiteness of her face
it's only an apple it isn't poison
they're only oils just oils they don't sting

and dance, I have danced again
but it hurts
I see black, it hurts
one, two three my feet are heating up
it was poison she couldn't swallow it

it made you crazy
and it shook you shook you
they did, they did this
they did, they did this

they say she did this to her
you did this to her
you did this to her

peace, he said he wanted it
peace, he said he wanted it
peace, he said he wanted it
that last one to question
oh but it made them crazy so crazy
they saw red, they saw too much red
the mirror is merciless
blue and silver streaks and
could she could she ever escape
would she ever

the thing no one says
that no one wants to admit
that it's him, him

stuck in your head, again stuck in your head

she's still white through the glass

mark that's red
one two three still dancing
pain is growing larger
will I ever escape?
will I ever?

Tuesday, March 02, 2010


oh dust the dust of lust
lust of dust
that which is us
oh love, love of lust
that which is dust
let it rain down on us
down on us
let it rain down
blow, blow at us
lust that is us
red dust
all that is ours
let if rain down on us

oh love, lust
that which is red
bright red
seeping red
red and bled
red dust
let it rain down on us
rain down
let it rain down on us