oh lovelies

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

new lyrics (title.... royal one/could be)

everything I do I do for you
you know you know you know
i do it for you
everything (or could be) I'd do I would you know I
you know i could you know i could
would you know
for you
i would be blue i would be
I it you know I do it you know I do it you know

you're hot you're hot you're hot you're hot you're hot
wet wet wet wet wet
the bed is blue
i would you know I would
the bed the bed the bed is blue wet and blue
you know i am a royal one

everything i do i do for you
i would you know i would you know
could be
could be me you know could be me you know
for you

everything you know
i do it for you
is it me am i wearing a mask
could be
everything you know
got down there
gotta head down there

it's only me
you know it's only me
for you
see me only see me
would you know
for you

the truth is all around you
it's underneath you
only me i'm swimming only me i'm swimming
i'm drowning swimming

Been forever!

I've been silent but not absent. So much has been happening.....I'm moving for the billionth time, to the upper east side (cross fingers!). I've been subletting, and the recession has helped with rents but it's still hard. People assume you have scads of money falling down on you from the sky! I do, but I'm still not parting with it THAT easily. I'm not a big spender, in general.

As for lately, there's been good and bad--things and people. I won't go into that now. You live and learn. I'm moving on.

It's easy to get confused, and I'm trying to be less. Also, I'm writing songs again, and auditioning--and running through Central Park every day, why I want to move to this area. Before, I was taking the train from Brooklyn every day and it was getting really tiresome--even though train rides were a nice time to myself (that's where I get a good deal of reading done) it also took over my days--being 3 or 4 pm by the time I was finished and home. Not practical.