oh lovelies

Saturday, October 27, 2012


I rarely wear this much make up....but I'm getting more into this! I was going for a retro china doll look....I think it looks period 18th century a la Barry Lyndon......a little

times and storms

It's Sylvia Plath's birthday.......poor dead genius. This makes me a little teary. I'm not sure the mechanics of it all.....my head is hurting, my flesh is weak, there's a storm coming......I'm being tortured and have been for days now. I am, in the words of the great U.S. hero Timothy McVeigh, broken but unbowed. Perhaps her soul has inspired me and I've reached out to people I've been thinking about for some time but didn't have the courage to. But with the moon waxing into full, Plath's anniversary......and who knows what building, and cinnamon, patchouli burning in the window, the Sun having just entered Scorpio.......now's the time. And......I may have just made a total fool of myself. Also in terms of the storm......? This changes a lot. Not sure what I'll do.....

Page of Staves

got this twice: page of staves. as some kind of adversary, but right side up so maybe this is not an ill-intentioned person. weird. says she (probably a she) will be helpful. twice I got that a young female is going to help me or hurt me or both........always unclear ..... This is so well-written this site and insightful........in times of crisis I come here.....

who is this ? or is it me they're talking about? I'm in my own way and I'm going to help myself? 

this is what they wrote :

Page of Staves: A young person of faithful countenance who, even unintentionally, helps others. An unofficial Hermes: a carrier of important news, an envoy, a guide, a pleasant stranger. A suave, bring and noble soul.

Twice something about this. ......! 

getting back

hi there...... well. there's supposed to be a bitch of a storm coming my way to lovely jersey city! I hope that means with the storm will come a super duper super surge of stuff my way! Things I've been asking for.......


Say It Isn't So - Hall & Oates

I used to watch this video when I lived in Chicago....haven't seen it in many many many moons....but now I recognize they're on the water....same where I was running constantly before my injury

Friday, October 19, 2012

Goth store, Halloween

oh good ness gracious where does the time go? Still have no Halloween plans, though I can guess to myself in an ideal world what I'd do. This is an amazing corner of New York City, near a church I was taken to as a high schooler. There's a crazy costume store right next to it.....how do I say? Cheesy maybe to say but .....how to put it.....it's otherworldly.


am just mad because I wasted so much time on this issue. And.......suffered unnecessarily. Absolutely unnecessarily. Jesus where was my sanity? People tried to tell me I admit I turned a blind eye. This all coincided, if you want to call it that, with Michael Jackson's death......Amy Winehouse died near my birthday. I read something about soul appropriation or...well anyway. Not me trying to do this.

sitting on the bus today, in the rain

watching the city......still fascinated by the 1970s or obsessed or something. I'd been discussing with a friend the subject of parallel universes.....a giant collider, I think that's what it's called, running between Germany and Switzerland......that can target and separate the tiniest atom particles. The name will come back. Somehow there is a connection with this and the above mentioned. This article I saw in National Examiner (fine, laugh...hey it's not me writing this) said if parallel universes exist then somewhere Elvis is alive, and has been and will be living the same life thousands of times over. Ditto of course for everyone else. But this is slowly being proven. How bizarre is life......Everything we've been taught is wrong?


I have much to add ...... some women are so desperate to keep a man who is not in love with them it's.....I've heard of them resorting to basically blackmail/extortion. No joke. That's when you KNOW you are pathetic!

Money Pak scam?

Something going on here. Something really not good. Ugh.

cafe pick me up

makes the most awesome bruschettas...I think they're called that. honey, goat cheese, fresh coriander....something like that. I think. It's a pretty setting, too. Unfortunately, a friend of mine had a problem with one of the waiters there, who harassed her. Same at Simone. That is obviously not ok. Too bad.....I was fond of these places.....

Thursday, October 11, 2012


so behind. catching up

Today is my father's birthday

Happy Birthday Dan! Love you and may you be in a better place.

good news

I have a space heater now.....because of this I am getting scads of sleep which is helping


lost my phone again. so aggravating! off to get a replacement.....

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

have to have heat

off to find a heater......I went to five stores yesterday and could not find one. Amazingly I managed to sleep....a lot.....and not get sick which I normally do when I sleep in the cold. It's actually kind of nice, like a crispy chilliness not that relentless grey gloom that comes typically with winter, though it's still fall. I'm so behind on my plans don't know what on earth to do for Halloween except, hmm? Either go out and party hardy or else something peaceful and private. I'd normally do the second one.