oh lovelies

Monday, July 28, 2008

keep wanting to take a trip but

but I've been so caught up in my "career" and working day and night on my dance technique. I'm getting pretty good and I've been hurting so much, so tired....it's so much work you just couldn't imagine. I'm exhausted. but in a good way.
My ipod broke, along with my cell phone, computer, Garrett's computer...on and on....it must be mercury retrograde or something. But listening to one of those classic rock stations, I thought back to high school, when I was obsessed with Jimmy Page and Led Zep, and summer is the time for listening to them, being outside, being on the road, going somewhere. Somewhere warm. And high on something. What's life if you're not experiencing that?

had another weird dream--another constant theme....I was sitting on the beach by a small river, with big rock mountains, and a tsunami was coming at me and my friend, but I said, this river isn't big enough. Still, a big wave came at us.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

been forever

since I've written in here. Quite a lot has been happening. I had a freaky dream this afternoon. I wasn't feeling well so I stayed home and rested for the first time in ages. I dreamt of that girl Tanya across the hall--her room. There's a staircase going up to the other guy's room, and that (we're on the top floor) was extended to another floor, identical to this. It passed through a hole in the ceiling to this other person's room. It was all wood, though the stairs are iron. I said, I've dreamt of this before--and I have--about my mother's place in Long Island.
Then I woke up and realized I'd been dreaming.