oh lovelies

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Marx Brothers

My mom introduced me to them....took me to see a series of films of theirs when I was a kid. Recently, I watched You Bet Your Life ......a little hard to understand them. He's influenced so many comedians and his life story, from what I found on Wikipedia don't know that that's the best source....but very interesting. Also, Rod Serling, of the Twilight Zone fascinating stuff....what he was about. I didn't know that show had political overtones....imagine if he was writing today?

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

been up and about

I made some progress yesterday and was able to walk with no discomfort. Only in these times do you realize the streets are slanted in a way as to cause pain if your bad leg is on the part that's elevated. So I have to go out of my way to make sure I'm on the right side of the street. Yesterday I was doing some stretching and so on...a lot actually. I must have sprained it a second time. I sat down on the bed and felt some kind of spasm or snap.....as it's not healed yet. I have to now go to a doctor as I figure it's a sprain but best to know. This does not happen without a day of drudgery and eight hours of my f***ing time dealing with insurance and bureaucracy (man, I'm a class A speller but always have trouble with that word).  Now I have to make a trip which I'm dreading, to radio shack to get a new phone. The one close to me doesn't have the one I want.

I need to stop whining. A lot is good. I was out this morning not wanting to get out of bed....but the scenery is beautiful. The river and parks in the morning.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

LMFAO - sexy and you know it

  OK I wasn't going to .....but here it is. As written below......the connection to this song is I did run then.....the dead of winter. This deli I spent so much time at this winter.....cold wind and drafts and KTU on the radio constantly.......but a place where I could sit and do whatever. A lot of the Mexican workers would come there after work.....bringing endless cerveza which they shared with me often.....then this African guy a real weirdo. Then this other person ...who......oh .......I made a few friends around here as well as working in the area so I often see this in a good light as in money made......can't complain.

Moves Like Jagger - Maroon 5 featuring Christina Aguilera

When I first heard this I thought it was the dumbest song....I didn't know it was Maroon 5....even though I like other stuff of theirs (Adam Levine is cute). But what the significance? This winter.....when I practically lived at this deli on 28th st.....many a stranded night in fucked up weather....but some good came of the dilemma that I wrote and drew....will post shortly. Living in Jersey City can equal "living" on subways and coffee shops. And this tune played constantly.....pretty cool words now that I know them. This song and what....LMFAO "I'm Sexy and I Know It." A particular one with that....I met these awesome punk kids from Milwaukee....they had the accent and everything. They were....in transition between apartments (not that I know what that's like) the girl said...."We don't....live anywhere....." but they weren't down and out and pathetic; the opposite. They were always on the move......from state to state.  Well, to each their thing. They had about 20 suitcases between them. They were vibrant and full of life. They were talking about that LMFAO song...."this is so dumb...." so my thoughts hearing this stuff goes to them. Haven't seen them since.

Injuries suck

I must have suffered a.....I know not what yet. Suddenly....I felt my knee pop and could ....I could move it but not run without that happening. I cried out in frustration and fear more than pain. For 24 hours I've barely been able to bend without searing, burning sensations. I have to do like a plie just to walk, looks like I'm trying not to pee my pants in the street. Then wincing and moaning. It's gotten better. I figured I sprained it.....I have to make an appointment to get it looked at. I've been through this in the past.....hours of waiting, then x rays, to be told I sprained it, here's two Advils, a bandage, move it around to reduce swelling and inflammation. You who can bend your knees and straighten them easily you are f***ing lucky! Don't take anything for granted I know now.