oh lovelies

Monday, February 28, 2011

why on earth

would somebody do something crazy like that? why indeed. That's the million dollar question. Sick. Sick. Sick.

because they are not what they appear to be. because they have another motivation.

I agree that we should not focus on the wrongdoings of others and just try to do the right thing ourselves, and that we have no control over what other people do. But sometimes the bad actions others take is causing harm and is serious enough that it can't be ignored.

she is a sick woman, a necrophiliac, among other things. think I'm kidding? I mean literally. ugh! how I suffered and for what?
never understood that creepy, bad vibe I got from her. Underneath the surface. Never paid attention. I believed there was good in there others were just mean....ugh! Boy have I woken from that! Look into her eyes; they're pretty like emeralds but cruel and ruthless. Uncaring.Yeah, well, try it some time.

Friday, February 18, 2011

live and learn

she stole, pretty much, my poem and concept, but completely misunderstood. Copied my look. Turned an intelligent work into a cheesy-ass cliched "faux age" thing and interpreted it the same. I was young and really knew nothing. Thought it was a coincidence. ! Learned the hard way. I was NEVER "new age." I am not a believer in karma or heaven and hell, ect. Except I recently told someone to go to hell. I meant hell on earth. I was doing yoga, too. Listening to British techno and into the "rave" look. I was never into hip hop or modern rock; the latter I can't stand.

gamma rays x rays
queen of wands
the universe
life create disperse

it was a poetry class where they critique.....this one guy wrote: "Gamma rays kill on dispersal. Confused. "

oh yes another:

flying so high I may be going to Paris

another guy wrote "straight up to Paris, cut through the crap."

Coyote Fugly has been deemed unclean, literally. Ugh.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Found this I love it.

stuff, ect

Quite a lot is happening and yes there are so many things I want to accomplish; working on getting them all.

Slams, readings, ect
dance, dance
I have not been dormant......but rehearsing. A lot of work but I'm feeling very passionate about it. now I have to put together a costume.

greek mythology
Irish folk gothic
pole dancing
"chair" dancing

editing, lots of that
sp s

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Vivisection a Fraud? to put it mildly. Probably the biggest ever. Ignorance is not bliss.

very .......waste of resources? the economy being what it is.

"Welfare mothers" right.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

I am always in a shit horrid mood in the am and it doesn't help that I was woken by some noisy inconsiderate people. But I'm sort of basically over it.

Just an update, lest you think else, these are the proposed goals:

1) enter poetry contests among other things.
2) learn more pole dancing (I'm serious I'm getting better, after a year. working hard at it. It is absolutely the right decision!)
3) yoga blog
4) music video blog (rate and discuss A+ being the best F- being the worst)
5) perform more dances, better, with more elaborate costumes, more complicated moves, wigs, more make up, better rehearsed. Ideally I'll rehearse to the point where it's automatic. The right shoes. I have all my shit there and it's done so I am not thinking what is my next move or how do I not fall on my head and so on. Lived and learned.....that I'm working on intensely now)
6) read my writing publicly....I've been brushing this off just have to integrate it somehow. I know I'm a good writer (enough people have copied or tried to copy me) but I can't just do that alone.....I need to be trying different things. That is how I am. I am not really a literary person.
7) more comedy and improv
8) Job on a TV station, or film (I was talking to someone very in depth about this yesterday)
9) apt, ground floor, with back yard, so my kitties can freely move in and out.....it's been very much a struggle to care for them in the city otherwise. I don't feel right just leaving them indoors all the time, cats need to get out.
10) personal stuff......? bonding with the right ones, and the undesirable ones who are harmful.....oh they know who they are! ......out of my life. Forever. Don't think I don't see through your BS.
11) savings, a lot, a lot.....for a time there'd been nothing to save. Now that to change.
12) taxes, all that stuff
13) travel more....I love Egypt it's a fabulous place not like it's depicted on the news. South America.
14) Have a more loving homey home. Free to bathe and light incense/candles with non-abusive and non-hypervigilant people.

feeling better

i have opinions on some things better left unsaid......that's hard though it's dying to get out.

I see.....God I wish I had a dollar for every one.....pedophilia everywhere. Coming from some of our "respected" citizens, hell research them a little they're not so respectable!

That explains a lot, doesn't it?

I had a very rough 24 hours, better now. Dust settled getting there.....

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Monday, February 07, 2011


well I guess Florida's not the best destination right now.....maybe I can feel better. Cause I was very seriously planning to go. I can also feel better these two jerks (who bragged about their trip to everyone not wanting to hear it, thanks for rubbing that in, when I couldn't go ooohhOOOOOOHHHHHHHH) I encountered ARE down there. If they get carried off I just won't cry. I know, I'm mean.

Sunday, February 06, 2011


your face is the rubber gum I
smash and twist into a funhouse mirror
gummy goo gummy
how many people are there?
how many more?
what is invisible that I'm still seeing
what light is it in?
was it really red? how much

but this street is grey
echoes of those lost
screech and squeal in my ears
I'm screaming when I wake up
somewhere, someone is having fun on me
not going back! not going back

Sky Dancer almost forgot!

that edge, you're there
night ending
edge, you're there
night ending

a red car, really is!

red streaks
her in the window
yours give it back
yours give it back

give it back

it's 4:30 AM
how did her face get pale, paler still?
the house is made of wood
and when I wake up for a second it's there
how did her face get pale, paler still?

smoke, ash ash
you marked it well
o green witch! o me
if this is the moon, is it white?
is there nothing, nothing here?
somewhere else there are people in green
are cut with green leaves on their way, to?

if it were me, if it were really me
if it were me, if it were really me

only a mission
for them to tell you
what's on the surface
mass of chalk
what is soft what is dust