oh lovelies

Friday, November 30, 2012

The 70s

I didn't want any flowers, I only wanted

To lie with my hands turned up and be utterly empty.

How free it is, you have no idea how free -

The peacefulness is so big it dazes you,

Sylvia Plath "Tulips"    
Well, this is what the LES WAS at some time.....all was not sunshine and rainbows but still.......

This is a still from a film called "The Panic in Needle Park" I haven't seen it but would like to. Because I'm into things macabre. That's me, though. Here's the link: It was made in 1971. I think I may have seen something like this on TV when I was in France. Or a French version of it.


Now THIS is a fucking depressing song: The Velvet Underground "Heroin"

"Away from the big city

Where a man cannot be free

Of all the evils in this town

And of himself and those around

Oh, and I guess I just don't know

Oh, and I guess I just don't know"

By Lou Reed

Coyote Ugly?

Back during the 90s....I didn't go see that film. But the character, as a songwriter.......that's what I wanted so much, to sing and write pop and dance songs. Singing turned out not to be my thing.....I tried and cracked up so hard, picturing myself as Piper Parabo in that film. But no matter, I can dance to these songs.......

Jellyhead Crush

In my dorm room at Hunter....constantly had this CD going figure what have you......

Thursday, November 08, 2012

mental distress but getting there

the events of recently......brutal hell of the past two weeks that nearly wrecked my life........I cross my fingers and toes and whatever else......let them be over SOON. I must be having PSST or something. Again, all my thanks, in ways words can't express, to those who were helpful. I'm having very weird experiences with something. Yesterday was devastating. There were, interspersed.....um, better things. But not which I would write about here. I was able to run.....sort of. Tiny little steps. Bizarre and somewhat embarrassing.......in a small space in the park. But considering two months ago just walking was painful it's progress.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

this week

Really hellish and nearly killed me in a lot of ways. I haven't been to my place in over a week. Everything is delayed, strained and today was.......I kind of had that feeling yesterday something (not just the storm, I knew about that) was going to happen, and it did. Friends have come through, and I'm thankful to them. Family as well. There are issues which I won't write about, personal ones, that have shaken me terribly today.  It should be over tomorrow. FINALLY over. I hope. I hope. 
Transportation, work, money, have all been severely interfered with. There are many people who have been sympathetic and helpful, which I am grateful for. Others could stand to be a little more. 
Today, another power outage on the train. This I found out after sitting on a bus for an hour and a half, from 8th st to 68th. We sat and sat and sat and sat. What option was there? The trains weren't running, there was snow and hail outside.
The worst part is the simple things like changing my clothes, re-polishing my nails, my shoes......my boots were soaked through (duh, forgot to wear rain boots) in the rain as I was walking in it for an hour and half and I am lucky I still have my toes. I threw them out (the boots) and bought a pair of storm ones which are ugly as sin but at least they are useful in this particular situation. And walking is not so painful and freezing.
I could theorize on this......what caused it.......many things. In my personal experience......well, I have my own understanding. Another time for that. If I got through this, like I did today, it was by a hair margin. Really. 
And it will all be over soon....back to life. Mine. I hope. I hope. I hope. XO

Sunday, November 04, 2012

degrees of separation?

I tend to be in my head so much I don't realize how I'm connected to the people around me .....you know you see people but don't realize they are a link to someone else. Facebook helped me see that. I saw the film Six Degrees of Separation when it came out.....but the mystery sometimes is what is it that is connecting me to people?

post storm

I have MUCH to write on this......so bizarre. My goodness. One highlight is I learned to play Bridge. I stayed with family. I haven't been to Jersey in a week. I have a lot of things to deal with once I get there. This has been a catastrophe but we're fortunate to have the basics which I'm grateful. There are many things happening around the city I want to be a part of and have to make decisions as to what when where. I have pictures I took pre-storm. This will be yet another documentation of it. We could have been far worse off....at least we had the basics. But by that I mean the bare minimum....at least a roof over our heads, food, running water, a stove, coffee......candlelight. Lights are back on. I don't know if I can get the PATH to JC. Halloween was missed....but being I am always late anyhow I will do a usual Laura LATE Halloween performance.....in my costume. I have at least been practicing. My friend was kind enough to let me stay at his place a couple days. I caught up on the TV shows I like to watch.....and a very bizarre incident there. I will write more shortly.