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Friday, May 31, 2013

Last post

That was harsh and not meant to be public. But since it's out there.....I am dealing with some horrible stuff personal things. I mean I tried if failed......not a good feeling. Sorry you know?

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Dark day

Sleep deprived.....oh what do I do. Today its rainy....terrible. storms, anniversary of Plaths suicide, I have pms, people trampled at so called festival....why do people see these holy sacred days as just another reason to get blasted and dance naked but hey if they are why shouldn't I? Do I not deserve a blast too? Whatever. I personally am not a fan of parades and such just not my scene. Also....it's just not a good .....anniversary of Whitney Houston's dare I say it murder. A little boy was killed in the storm. Death everywhere and no this is not. Run of the mill. But ....life has to go on n'est ce pas? Three dead in a freak chopper crash. No this is not good. I have my own problems.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Grateful......the one thing probably that has saved me at times

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Ran on west side highway

Getting Chinese food why NOW this is working cold sesame noodles and vegetable rolls which they don't make in jc. Decisions? To stay or not .....the parks are far less crowded and noisy. And nice......feels almost like country. The stores close too early. You can't get a sandwich or soda beer juice chips what have you at 3am running out the door.....shrimp fried rice ugh! So ghetto I'm sorry. Can't stand the smell of fish......like you can in Brooklyn. Oh the days. I really miss that. I just didn't know what I was doing.....

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Homophobic celebs dim all the lights dimwitteds.....!?


Donna Summer queen of disco, rest her soul, allegedly said gay people, disco's staple audience, men mainly are getting punished by "God", ect. "God loves you," she said, "just not as you are now." Ouch. Pretty terrible, isn't it? Doubt that. Paris Hilton, who is truly a genius, (sarcasm in case you thought otherwise)  said something not quite as harsh but pretty ignorant. This a web site I was on late this a.m.

Freedom Fries 501(c)?

Plath wrote "the coursoage of a shut mouth/ in spite of artillery!" These actions by the nice people who run this agency were mean spirited malicious and deliberate, an attempt at silencing me, intimidating me into shutting up. And by the way, this was under the Bush Administration.....power corrupts or are some individuals already corrupted? I speak from life too. Some people feed off that.

From what I read, this alleged bias of the IRS occured due to Tea Party groups labeling themselves non profit and claiming tax exempt status. Thus why the IRS scrutinized them......the joke in Some Like it Hot"We made ¨__million before taxes.....only we didn't pay no taxes."

IRS and "conservatives"

The Judiciary Report - It's Not Gossip When It's True! Deal With It!
This really pisses me off. I was targeted by the IRS years ago and continue to be to this day. Where was the action taken? Nowhere. What was dine? Nothing
Shameful aand disgraceful indeed. I am NOT a Tea Party member or a conservative nor anything close. I wrote opinions critical, and rightly so I believe, of certain persons of power and priviledge in this country. I raised issues that were legitimate ones at the time I believe very strongly so. But no action was taken no complaints heard when people on the left were unfairly harassed by the IRS like I was. Mr. Boehner, for whom do you speak? All Americans?

Cliff Osmond

Born in Jersey City.....my present place of abode. Wow. All these shows are amazingly archived.......Thankfully....things do come around......and Rod Seeking lived a long time in Ohio. So few points of separation

Rod Serling

Apologies for my absenteeism as my phone was out. I just watched "The Gift" episode of Twilight Zone ......what amazing and brilliant work! At first it made no sense and I thought the kid was cute but not much of an actor. I used to watch this show at around the hour I am writing this......having a weird moment ......watch out for what you wish for? Interference .......the blessing candle burning low but others nicely.....maybe this is not the place for me. No joke. But I would visit my father in Chicago as a kid as I myself lived in Evanston .....and at 3am no less the witching hour this would come on. I to this day have nightmares about that apartment Dad was in. It was a fairly dark period on a personal level. He lived on the ground floor in a duplex with a winding red carpeted staircase going down to the basement......I used to play music on the stereo and put on talent shows on that staircase.....I would have my girlfriends over and we would do that but I slept in a room upstairs. Being an only child though I was often there alone just me and Dad.....he had a girlfriend then sometimes she would stay over.......they would go to sleep. ...as it was the weekend I would watch TV. I didn't watch much elsewhere as Dad actually discouraged me. But on weekends I did. I would wake up in the middle of the night......that hasn't changed. I am a night creature. And Dad's place was so creepy.....a brownstone and God I still dream about this. Windows that looked out into black.....the building next door. The kitchen with a window.....the alleys and the El going overhead......loud as fuck. I would wake up....little sweet orange Rusty the cat for company. One time I woke to him chasing a mouse.  But civilization may as well have come to cease......as it was eerie quiet with the test patterns on some stations.....the fundamentalist preachers on others.....the star spangled banner on another and the Twilight zone man no porn even.....ha! No cable just regular TV. So at 3 am I had Rod Sterling's ghost for comfort. Angry young man indeed! A reflection of yet our times as we were ahead. But you know the liberation leaders get the first bullets. We were all condemned that my parents divorced. My poor parents they didn't deserve that. Relationships break up it's no one's fault. NOW it's the norm more than the exception. All that volatility! It takes a village....a demimonde.....

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Agent skully

Come on home now momma cried on the phone/too soon to lose my baby and my girl should be at home

Heart. "Magic Man"

I did not mean to stay out til five but oh lordie but these things to happen......Persephonia she did stay for a time of her own volition I believe I said that right. Then she entered a new life....as an actress!


K.L.F. Goodnight America we looooove you!

Monday, May 06, 2013

Joy of Resistance

Amazing radio show by Fran Luck from wbai....
They talked about the Feminine Mystique on a recent show. I am very familiar with Betty Friedan's work. As a high schooler.....I wrote about Friedan and was all but sent to the gallows for it. I received a big fat F. F for Friedan ha. I have so much to say on that book. Rosanne Barr once said TV is about demographics and demographics are about women. Friedan knew this too. She interviewed TV executives for her book wwas this before or after Marshall McCluhan (sp cq)? They knew these women wanted....well, sex. Shows like Bonanza
.......oh god I have to laugh when I think of that .....

More on this later

Be young be free the American way

KLF. ......Scotsman.....
Sam Endicott of the American group tithe Bravery wrote: "sometimes I forget I'm still awake/I fuck up and say these words out loud/my old friend/I swear I never meant for this" .......the Reese Witherspoon arrest brought those lyrics to mind...heaven knows I have behaved like a horrid bitch.....I have seen a lot of people get snippy with the cops she does not come across to me as diva-ish but you know I don't know her.

Sunday, May 05, 2013

Draft of last post (no i was not drunk this was the faulty phone i since fixed)....coffee hot chocolate

Ffor ssome bizarre reason....figuring. out. It is hard to type on this new phone but Iwill try. I okin Thursday Wordswords of the Bravery: "sometimes. I forge tI m still awake/I. Fucamk/d say these things outside loud my old friend /. Swear i neverwu meant for this"up