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Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Why Men Cheat
Why Women Cheat........


It sucks that that happens to anybody but truth be told too many men don't treat their women right .......having been there I can only say that men need to know women are not their property they do not own them or have a "right" to them. You can't just treat someone badly and keep inflicting pain and unhappiness on them and expect them to love you for it. Or deliberately in a way that is slighting, disrespectful and offensive all because you feel slighted. Along comes Mr. Charming with the kind words, the flattery the gifts and if he's reasonably attractive then ......bam! If you're not even in a relationship with her, and you sense she is avoiding you, backing out, or preparing to leave either way, deal with it. Last experience (Ted) an unmitigated disaster and no, I'm not over it......after what I suffered at his doing I am weary and the wiser. Problem is, you leave one bad circumstance for another........ Elizabeth Wurtzel made a point of not asking your friends or family to help you move anyhow. The knight in shining armor you will find out is a power-obsessed maniac who will fight like hell to maintain that control over you and will be limitlessly vindictive if he senses you are leaving or moving on, if he can't. Don't make that mistake! Furthermore, in light of a recent conversation I had with a guy on Facebook, don't make diminutive comments or put downs in disguise of trying to help a woman then expect her to want to go out with you.  Don't expect her to love you for making her miserable. Man up already and deal with it: she doesn't want you. Many years ago, my then boyfriend warned me about Ted and that he's up to no good and I now see he was right and regret not listening to him, and for subsequently hurting him.......yikes. It's fucked up but you live and learn.

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