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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Attack in Brussels pt. 2

I was watching this video must have been 3 am or so sitting in a coffee shop after work (as I do around the clock) I remember live aid (listen to that crowd!). I'd never heard this group before. One of these Tea Party conspiracy theory youtube stations which I'd rather not name .....couldn't stop laughing at this: discussing Peaches' possible murder/cover up (don't want to say too much) said something about her father......something like eco terrorist.........the man host described him as "tax people for breathing".......I'm thinking if that's the worst of his offenses I can think of people who've done more......I mean there was scads and scads of unrest in the 80s punk rock had everything to do with it. There were a lot of casualties and it was an uphill battle but it lead to the end of apartheid and the fall if the Berlin Wall. If I remember this right an article I read said Bob Geld of descends from Belgian Jews who emigrated..... not sure if that's right word......to Ireland. Something like that. This song was written about an incident where I think a girl went to her high school and shot a bunch of people, reason being she didn't like Mondays. 1985. Before Columbine.......we all went to high school sheesh this could have been any of us. Listening to this made me think of Pretty in Pink......just very 80s esque.......


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