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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Chevy Chase and the environment...part two

You would have to be Mother Theresa NOT to look back on these things and think, I was young and hot a lot of men wanted me and I had tits why wasn't I making easy money......it isn't really that easy I know women and men who dance for tips it's a lot of work but still.....you could I suppose say the same for all the girls working at NYPIRG but here we were at this place. Plus I lived with my mom and it would have been hard to explain where I was going at 1130 at night not coming back til 3am.....thought they had day shifts too .....I am getting to the subject. So there was one person at this job who was a sales genius, a young, pretty good looking man named Jeff. He once made the remark that he dressed like a conservative even though he was a liberal: in a blue (a soothing color, he said; he thought of everything!) suit even in summer, even though we were out in midday walking door to door on our "turf." saving.One time at the end of our shifts I overheard someone saying Jeff managed to get $500 from Chevy Chase .....we went to various towns in Long Island and upstate. That was an exhorbitant sum.....the how the means I'm not sure but there you have it. All this came back to me as I read from a wiki article on Chase. Quite interesting and controversial his bio if I can find it perhaps I will read it. It saod he is active in environmental issues.....aside from his alleged rant with racial epithets well you know I guess like anything flawed human being but .....how did I even find this? I was looking for sketch material on you tube.

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