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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Chevy Chase and the environment

unbelievable and infuriating....my phone crashed and what I wrote got erased. So here it is again from my head.
I came across on youtube the Chevy Chase appearance on David Letterman. Speaking of which I will be SO happy to get tv finally!!!!! It was quite interesting.....I always found him funny and as a kid my family and I used to watch snl tapes all the time. David Letterman is froIndiana same as my father and his side of my family. I will save for safety. I am dying to re-visit there as soon as weather and other things permit because I have been terribly neglectful. I was remembering running through cornfields which are .....you will know when in them.....very warm and calming.....passing James Deans house as well. I am digressing so anyhow I never knew much about Chevy Chase but did a google search its an interesting story. He left NYC and snl for a girl he married then divorced.....I know people who have left situations to regret it later.....love is often a factor. What can I say? You take your chances. I am writing this all over again from scratch after I pause again to save. So.....one summer when I was 17 I took one of those godawful jobs going door to door to raise money for the environment. Considering my sales ability and knowledge of the environment at 17 (carbon monoxide, I was.....not exactly a sage after failing chemistry; this evil professor at my school took delight in my humiliation.....that jealous battleaxe) I was terrified of approaching strangers not to mention getting on their nerves......but it must be testament to something in me.....I managed to get hired and stay on the job (barely) til I left a month later. My last day was my best but there you are. saving again.The headquarters of this place were exactly one block away from where I lived but I got there late one time and was yelled at.....had a crisis which drew sympathy then we all went out for drinks even thoughwe were almost all underage. This all happened downtown in tribeca.....and the WTC was still there. Oh well we didnt have that issue.....that was goods to come. In another life. Anyhow......this was in the midsummer.....we would be sitting in traffic in the scorching sun.....this one time in the car in front of us this poor kid was sitting behind the glass in the back of a car but he handled it well....his expression how can I forget? He took it gracefully. If that had been me I would have jumped out I get horribly claustrophobic. Also this was before gps or we they rather did not have it considering money was not abundant here. One person would sit with a map to navigate.You could say at that time.....I went into that job knowing diddly squat about the environment but by the time I left I was a little expert. So. That job was hard and I hung onto it by the skin of my teeth. All at the tender age of 17. I wasted my time? Would I have been better off stripping there I said it? The strip club was right next door. Pisses me off.....I was young gorgeous I could have been getting tips I could have done so many things but maybe it's all for the better.....don't know if that would have been the right thing either. Once I turned 18 I could have gone to social services saying I was being abused and gotten an apartment. Oh, it's done. Abusing the system yes but maybe the ends justified (a biblical word) the means?

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