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Friday, February 01, 2013


I watched Annie Hall and laughed hysterically almost choked I was eating crispie noodles. I watched this film constantly in Chicago I think its even funnier now.....so many scenes I practically memorized. This film came out 15 years before the film JFK another of my favorites of course theyre completely different.....but in....I feel like Im writing a college paper.....again its hard to type.....but when I saw JFK and even read the book on the film....honestly murder is another fascination of mine I guess Im kind of sick.....I remebered the scene with Woody Allen and Carol King (big cq I think thats her name)......polititians one notch below child molestor I love it! The thing is I thought everyone in quotes knew about Annie Hall and the murder conspiracy theories regarding the Kennedy Assassination....but......when JFK the whole discussion, which.......page after page after.....it was endless the verbiage this produced.......back and forth....... much criticism came out like it was the first time anyone had suggested that, ever. In those days "controversey" was the name of the game in the media but well I wont digress.....it all brought me back to when I was living in Chicago while in school as a teenager. That plus I listened to the Red Hot Chili Peppers for the first time in......that was really another life. It was good for a time but I really was so naive then. I remebering that I knew so little of anything but then again a lot of it was kept a secret. I had no way really of knowing. Oh yes, Controversey the name of Prince's first album?There's a Jeopardy question! I knew as a little kid cuz Dad's neighbor was a record promoter.Me the sophisticate? I dunno.....maybe it wasnt kept hidden maybe I chose to deny or disbelieve? not sure.....I apologize for the splotchy copy editing its because it is very difficult to navigate this and correct.

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