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Thursday, November 05, 2015

drawing and Jupiter

I guess being female the female form is easier to draw (for me and I guess other people). Balanchine once said "dance is woman." I don't know maybe discriminatory but female form is curvier, more softly proportioned. Anyway.  I doodled constantly as a kid while tuning out whatever was going on in school. Even in kindergarten a teacher told my mom I wasn't interested in group activities I just wanted to do my own thing. I was a cherubic spacey kid with a mass of curly red hair and pouting lips. I went to Sunday school in Evanston; my mother taught one class and she is an excellent story teller. There was another class with a man, I believe he was British.....um, probably he had the right intentions but sorry it was like watching the wall. He wore a bowtie. Throughout his class I would stare at that totally fascinated. I had never seen a man with a bowtie in real life except once in a tuxedo. I thought ties were only the long ones and only saw bowties in the movies, period pieces. 
So I drew during his class if I had paper in front of me. I drew women, dancers, models. My mother is fairly good at sketching and there are many painters in my family so it came naturally. One Sunday afternoon, my mother approached me after Sunday school, kind of laughing, saying that he this teacher had privately told her that I was drawing pictures of sexy women during Sunday school class. 

Jupiter as a female? 

This one is by an American girl. 

Another, this an Italian guy


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