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Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Halloween was crazy tumultuous and bizarre

Itself like a pulp horror film. I was supposed to see my friend in queens something came up ended up on the train from Rockaway I have had some bizarre experiences there but I think this night the dead did rise. I had been reading about Michael Jackson then I looked up and there was a bum, Heaven help these people, this guy was in tattered rags with a goatee and was like African Caribbean from Puerto Rico he later told me, speaking Spanish. I joked to someone next to me he looked like he had stepped off the set of Thriller and he did. Like one of the dancing ghouls. There was a girl with Gothic makeup shed have fit right in on 8th st not too long ago. Then in Brooklyn these women also with ghoul face paint. I couldn't help feel like yes it's Halloween but it's like a dream or other dimension or something like the spirits of the dead are out and have possessed people or else my night. Or I had visited a church earlier and a cemetery and maybe it's

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