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Monday, October 31, 2016

Travolta SNF and The Shirt


Apologies as my stuff isn't uploading right but anyhow I've seen Saturday Night Fever infintismal times. I begged my parents for disco and new wave music and to take me to see this which they revived all the time including at drive ins in Chicago, tho those always creeped me out. One time she took me to see the non G-rated version oops she covered my eyes in the stripper scene lol I think our friend Bruce (RIP) was with us. She did the same with my little sister when she was about 8 or so and we were watching The Last Picture Show.    The swimming scene came on and she told her "You can't watch this part" my sister started crying. But anyway I'm totally obsessed with the 70s and disco currently so found this clip of JT and its occurring to me now shit he was hot here in cette film.....kick ass direction from John Badham here😍😇😘 helps.!

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