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Monday, October 10, 2016

Global warming?

It's October and still hot. I feel the sun on my face like an stove and am hot in long sleeves. Thinking about mundane stuff I have to take care of the other side of everything paperwork, drudgery and a morbid feeling in my stomach. My advice is do not order with USPS as two packages of mine have gone missing with them with no response when I filed a claim. That one of their employees was caught doing a bunch of fucked up stuff is not surprising but I used UPS and got what I ordered.
If I've been absent from blogging it's because I switched phones and finally redownloaded everything. Anyway.....
Have not watched the debates. I only overheard part of them. Hillary has sass what can I say? I like her as far as this American system of choosing between two people goes (register to vote? Oh yes Clinton St) for all that people have trashed her I am impressed with her savvy and sharp statements and use of words if she has a louse for a husband well you know whatever.....wish it'd been her ten twelve years ago rather than Kerry who I'm sorry had the appeal of dry toast.

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