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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Changing title again why am I stuck on this .....?

I'm thinking of them
Dreaming of him
A dinner date over there I'd break
He willed me there pulled my hair
A message sent a day later.....
Up here it's cold at the end of the year what was in my ear then disappeared
Up here it snows the end of the year
What's in my ear then disappeared
New York London Chicago all in the north (ok some inspiration from KLF) I was a prisoner in all tortured then freed
Falling for him thinking of them
A dinner date another day then I'd break
Up here it snows end of year what's in my ear then disappears

The beginnings of new stuff inspired by... this new song Giorgio Moroder did rewriting the words not saying which that man is so Coolio I'd have given him the Nobel prize if I were to decide  .....I missed this thing in bk but all is gotten back sort of I found another event a gay bar they were playing Donna Summer. I asked if they'd be open Halloween they said yes it's a gay bar then laughed at me..  point being this has been nagging at me nonstop)

This second part went a lot longer than I intended so putting some space......

I wrote a lot lot on a certain issue that's been making its way through the news. This has rattled me really and my feelings on this are all over the place. Let me say, and I speak as plainly and gratefully as possible; the essential question is did they fact check? What Fox news says about fair and balanced you know they do take this seriously or are supposed to. Any publication or medium that does NOT verify check and cross check with ALL sources, that is all, not a few, not one or two but everything and everyone.....is a waste of time and basically a sham. If what you're reading is slanted in any way or leaving out stuff that is important or that clarifies, it's not worth reading. It's easy to distort the truth and sadly it's commonplace, the result being a lot of people misinformed and drawing conclusions based on that. Obviously highly unethical. OK. Digression but this is tied into what I wrote here. I thought my teaser was kind of cheesy and was going to change it but shortly after the whole "nasty woman" thing was viral. I was called nasty by another woman (she hasn't seen anything yet lol) but a moot point.....I am just me and what this person says is a product of her deranged mind. However, it was very chilling all this occurring at the same time but ultimately I was talking partly of taking back ones identity and finding your power but anyway.....
but basically make sure what you are putting out there is truthful and objective, and accurate, is related to how a news medium values fact checking and whether or not they do it thoroughly. That is actually getting your facts right so you don't "accidentally" attribute a series of statements to the wrong person how the fuck did that happen, Glamour UK? How did what I say get falsely attributed to Cherie? Maybe since I was quoted verbatim make sure this is verified by the person who actually said it as no one contacted me and Cherie was the media contact.....and how did she get that title? Either they fact checked or they didn't not to mention quote people saying things they never said. If your point was to write about Cherie use her words not mine. Totally inexcusable. And how did this happen?
Ok I said my piece. Digression and sorry for the rant my point is not to peck at people but it's all very disturbing to me.

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