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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Looking for Mr. Goodbar.....?

My friend got this film for me.....made in 1977. I had been discussing this with someone else. Today I went into the library sat down and found an empty Mr. Goodbar wrapper. Pretty perturbing, actually. 
I am assuming the message of this film was a "warning" of sorts to women who thought they could have their cake (beefcake?) and eat it: you can't. No matter what, the world is a very different place for women then men, thus so is sex. You can't simply flip the tables and get the same scenario. Sad, you know? In the 70s casual sex was trendy, I guess is the word. This is before AIDS.....and NYC was very different as well. There were many pitfalls (ooh what a word) and double standards that came with the "sexual revolution" as has been documented by other people. Women discovered, too late, that they were not being liberated the way they thought they would be, or maybe were told they would be, and this is largely what led to the second wave feminist movement.  Anyone who is a rational thinker would see that the way to women being sexually liberated is not picking up men in bars and taking them back to your apartment for one night stands (boy I could say a lot more but another time for that).

Rosanne Quinn, whose story this is based on. 

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