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Sunday, October 06, 2013

Zoos are wrong

It tears me apart to think of any animal suffering. Not one should ever be in a cage. They are not ours to keep. I hear of people keeping snakes as pets then......snake bites them. That is what snakes do. They are not our personal toys. They belong where nature put them. Nowhere else. Who the hell thinks a cottonmouth or black mamba or tiger is their little pal? Their bff........stupid. I dont want to say they deserve  to  get bit. I read about a minister who was trying to "snake charm" in front of his congregation.......the power of "God" would keep it from biting him. Well, he got bit. I am sorry the man was killed but maybe that's a larger message   about nature, animals, religion......and where .....how do I say it? Listen to life and the world as a message where "God" or whatever your idea of a higher power wants animals to be. Where their abode is or natural habitat: the jungle, the desert, the Arctic, the ocean.....is where they're intended to be. I know what people mean when they say give me liberty or give  me death. Birds aren't pets either and don't belong in cages. They need to be let out. Better they die out in the world than slowly in prison. I would rather be dead than not free. But birds won't die most likely but find their way to the Florida keys. I am confident in this.
What is that song "key largo montega .....the poconos....." something like that.....

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