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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Glacier National Park

A woman allegedly pushed her newlywed husband off the cliff.....same park where the opening to the Shining was filmed. It's called Shining park and was the site of a massacre, by the Eurotrash invaders (oh wait, those are my people.....oops.....I am part English descent.....I can always say 'we' didn't do this my folks least I never heard of it),  of an American Indian tribe 170 people.....led by Heavy Runner the chief. Nice, huh? In the film Jack Nicholson speaks of the "white man's burden" which is how the English and French explained their practice of invasion and occupation.....ironic since the English did just that to the French and were finally chased out by an army led by la pucelle, J'eanne D'arc.  But.....history repeats itself. Had the tables been turned would the Indians have done the same? How much bloody history ARE we sitting on? What aren't we taught? I may be wrong.....I believe the man Cory was from Kalispell.....Kali the Indian goddess of bloodshed. This woman was allegedly afraid for her life according to text messages so she goes to an . Isolated site in the mountains with him.....doesn't make sense......if you're afraid of someone why do that? ......he somehow ended up at the bottom of a cliff.....did he attack her or did she push him .....on July 7 anniversary of Vivien Leigh's death and that was not a good day for me either. A midsummer night's horror show? It was for me.
Three cheers for the red white and blue?
I come here seeking peace.
But it is not.......

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