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Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Free Jodi Ann

I know this is one person, one victim.....and yes there's stuff happening everywhere I acknowledge. But why this particular case? This speaks on so many levels. A line from the film JFK, "A mystery inside a riddle inside and enigma."

I'm listening to the John Digweed CD Global Underground Los Angeles. I am seeing shadows out of the corner of my eye and last night in the dark glowing letters like graffiti art. No I'm not fucking crazy ha. I hadn't slept enough and had had some terrible stress.....that can induce hallucinations. But it's more than that. Maybe they are ghosts, what I'm seeing. Kind of like here there gone.....I listened to this CD the summer after the spring that I walked out of a situation. Up, and out. Like I did recently and last year. One day I'd just stand up walk out and not look back......into what I didn't know. What can I say? I did that this fall then in summer started working at a trade paper listening to techno music walking home occasionally performing at a bar on 40th street. A year later I'd watch the towers fall from 32nd street and, when my displaced family was moved from downtown to a hotel on 50th street my sister found a very weird not that read, "Read the signs and follow the clues. That will lead you to where you watch the news." Pretty cryptic, and made no sense. I didn't want to talk about this subject being such a downer. During Hurricane Sandy I was staying at my mom's downtown and wind kept rattling a local building under construction; a perpetual humming sound and it was loud, too. kind of like up and down. and grating, non stop. We got no wind or rain. Bizarre.
Have to get off that subject. OK another depressing topic but as I saw an ad for a concert with blasting fire onstage, please people do not use pyrotechnics. It simply isn't worth it. It's absurd and unnecessary and .....just don't. No fire is the rule @ St. Marks and for a reason dudes.
Just got an email saying I won not one but several bags of Doritos and they're being mailed to me. Thinking about all those times I had a craving for them now they're all piling up for me.

Last year I read Amanda Knox's autobiography and obsessively followed the details of the Arias case. Saw a documentary on Pussy Riot and in all these instances.....some kind of mass insanity, completely irrational, maybe it's adrenaline or people get a rush out of seeing what looks like justice to them even if it's the opposite of that. The desire to punish a woman, one who does anything attention-getting in some way. That impulsive jump toward freedom, a handstand or the splits, sex.....or? The idea that someone who stepped out of line is getting it now. It's sick. Just sick. Only humans have that instinct. Am I right? 

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