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Monday, April 13, 2015

what I wrote on the subway over NYTM article on Toni Morrison with a pink marker

(Not this this is Roxette again)
"Hit the road out of nowhere/I had to jump in my car/and be a rider in the love game /following the stars"

This is what I wrote:

If we are equal how does this young man have power to change my fate and bend gravity and whatever else the stars and planets do to.....is it because he always had it or that I gave it to him? .....the million dollar question n'est-ce pas? No one knows the answer to that. To me I don't feel privileged or blessed though in so many ways I am. Yes I have to remember. But what a burden it is sometimes! If I sucked I could just toss in the towel. But don't so I can't. 

This is from the NYT article on Toni Morrison (I have read a couple of her books: Song of Solomon and Bluest Eye, I believe. 

Charles Dickens on Lorain, OH (I was born in Columbus) "I should think there is not, on the face of the earth, a people so destitute of humor, vivacity or the capacity of enjoyment." Maybe because I am from Columbus, not Loraine (Alsace Lorraine in France is where Jeanne d'Arc is from) but this is not how I recall Ohio or the Midwest. It's not that....it IS like Fargo: people are typically chatty, smiley and love to make small talk including at the corner store and the cash register. But .....maybe things changed since 1842. Dickens himself may have met my great great grandparents, or some relation from the past of mine, as some of my family settled there initially from Germany.  I also read his book when I was in London.....More on him another time.

Sandusky OH (for your next Trivial Pursuit game if this q comes up) is where Sugar Kane is from, the MM character from Some Like it Hot.

Can barely stand, barely walk, but I will run. 

Thought it was all settled and that () was the one when fate intervened.....could have happened anywhere but it happened here at [exact address redacted but not the name, not yet] Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, NY, USA, EARTH in the form of a young man named Brett. You know the story: you somewhere and in walks a young man and......there was a snag in way to.....to.....all was not what she'd imagined or thought.

Toni Morrison published an essay: "Rootedness: The Ancestor as Foundation" 
[the novel] "Has always functioned for the class or the group that wrote it.....[AA-based literature accomplished] "certain very strong functions" now that "we don't live in places where we can hear these stories anymore."

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